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    First Adwords Ad

    Unfortunately you have way too many keywords. What is your budget per day?
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    First Adwords Ad

    You have 290 more keywords then you should need. More keywords mean your ctr on a campaign would be poor. Which in turn effects quality scores which means you are paying more than you should. You can actually see what you need to pay to be in top 3 for each keywords.
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    Upholstery Cleaning Go to Chemicals

    I have tried many others but have always gone back to avenge period. They have saved me many times. Only improvement could be better scent in avenge HD
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    Who is extremely busy, that you have to give jobs away?

    Increase your price and sub the work out. First get the feel of the market, work out what the current source of customer is. Add another form off advertising. Again see how the market is rolling and then think about a second setup. Nothing worse than putting a second setup in peak season and not...
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    Crossfire 4.4 Water Pump

    A leak in any pressurised flow will create irregular pressure
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    Mix Tank is Boiling Over

    To much incoming pressure and cold water mixing with pretty hot water.
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    What oil for water pump.

    Thanks for the input but I am in Australia. It's hydra 2 pump aka comet pump.
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    What oil for water pump.

    What motor oil can be used in the water pump. It's doing my head in trying to find a non detergent oil. Even the good oil retailer have no clue what I am trying to get. Thanks in advance!
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    Rug Badder For Sale

    While on top what a cheaper alternative to a badger?
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    Upholstery tool research

    If you hate doing upholstery then don't be a fool get the proper tool. Lol. Same hate doing upholstery specially if it 3rd or 4th job of the day. But ss makes it a pleasure. Now if only I could take the shops forklift to every upholstery job I would do then all day long
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    18hp starter tm hose run...

    Bigger engine to achieve 20 " lift.
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    18hp starter tm hose run...

    Lol with 20 inch lift buy buy carpet cleaning hello shoulder and elbow reconstruction . small engine will throw a rod and you will be Be lucky to get few hundred hours on blower. Plus a 33 or 36 will require at least 25 hp or 30 hp engine. Crazy for even trying
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    what do you think will help you to clean carpets faster?

    There is no one product in the carpet cleaning industry that will make cleaning better and faster on its own . Most add on equipment will make you only 5 to 15 percent efficient. As you grow in business with time and add all the bells and whistles it naturally cuts down time and physical...
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    Love mine, don't even think you need after market glides plenty of suction. It's a long wand so it hard in furnished home.. I am going to get mine custom wrapped.
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    can't decide on hose cuff. mytee- Hydro-Force 2" Flash Cuff

    Flash cuff are my choice. Tip would be keep internal connection clean and grease them regularly. They come slightly greased. Once they have a slight air leak I put a very thin layer of silicon in the internals of the female cuffs. Sad part is my supplier here in Australia says they are not...