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    Commercial laundry services

    I think someone could do well doing this. I'm about to go buy a washer and dryer and use it only for washing mops, rags, etc. I would be willing to pay for this service if it was available.
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    Very Dusty Dirty Vinyl Tile Floors. Scrubber be faster than vac & mop?

    Which scrubber is this? I’m in the market for one
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    Auto Scrubber

    I’m looking for recommendations for an auto scrubber. I just picked up a building that has 8,662 square foot of stained concrete. The building is only cleaned once a week. I’m looking for a good 17”-20”, plug in auto scrubber to speed up mopping times. What’s your go to scrubber?
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    Starter Portable

    Hey guys I own a small commercial janitorial business in Lafayette, Louisiana. I've been following the forum and would like to work my way into the business. I'm considering starting with a portable and then working my way up to truck mount. My goal is to work for myself and I think this may be...