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    mytee ETM astro van setup advice

    With a diesel burner would that make it a three cord setup?
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    Carpet sales decline - Whose to blame?

    Flooring is trending away from carpet, at least for residential in our area. No higher end real estate has it and trends follow the money.
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    Work Orders for Employees

    I’m running a shared spreadsheet on our company’s google docs. I put the contact info, deadlines etc and they fill out the rest when they do the job. Techs check the work load and arrange the routes with the customers. I’m all for delegating things out though. If we were a much bigger...
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    Most national sub companies are rip off's-You have been warned

    Anyone know who’s running the smile carpet cleaning website? (won’t link to it as it seems to enough SEO already.) It’s a beast of a website and it’s gaining ground in our area. looks like a bunch of stock photos, overwritten descriptions and a contact form. No phone number or Whois data.
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    Favorite Vacuum For Low Pile/ CGD Carpets?

    Anyone tried the brush roll attachment on a proteam? The turbo one or the classic style?
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    How to Price Gutter Cleaning?

    A couple thoughts. It may be "dumb" work but compared to leaving a window or carpet dirty it can have expensive consequences if not done. We've seen more than a few houses sustain flood damage when a gutter backed up and started pouring water into the house. Additionally, a window cleaner...
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    Need a name for a new truck mount

    there is so much possibility when it comes to naming conventions! Lamborghini uses names of famous fighting bulls Toyota often uses crown types Suzuki uses samurai related naming conventions Judson uses explosive types Other possibilities: fighting weight classifications navy ships fish...
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    How to Price Gutter Cleaning?

    We've varied our pricing based on gutter height as well. If we have to break out the 32ft ladder our risk will be higher and so will the pricing.
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    Cedar Cleaning

    The high PH of a percarb mix causes the untreated (not painted) wood to darken. Something to do with the wood tannins migrating to the surface I believe. The effect will depend on the type of wood you're working with. When you come back with an acidic rinse it neutralizes and you'll really...
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    Dryer vent cleaning

    Is it the dryer vent stuff and do you want to part with it? If so we're interested. I'd also like to hear from someone about how it is to use the augur type setup when cleaning out a dryer vent. I was looking at buying the 35ft one from Aircare but wondered what it was like to put torque on...
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    Dryer vent cleaning

    That would be awesome. We’re always looking to learn and up our service level.
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    Dryer vent cleaning

    $169! Wow I do see the majority of duct cleaning suppliers pushing the reverse skip as the only tool necessary but as we’ve never had the beefy compressor with the CFM to run one I was never able to compare results. Would love to see your setup to have both in the van. We’ve used Abatements...
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    Cedar Cleaning

    Mix up a strong batch of sodium percarb for a pre spray. Spray it down, then pressure wash it out. Keep the pressure down as it will fur up if you’re too heavy handed and ALWAYS go with the grain or you will look like Zorro cleaned the place. Percarb is alkaline and will leave cedar dark so...
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    Dryer vent cleaning

    We have an Milwaukee electric blower as well. Ideally we'll use it to clear the duct out but sometimes their dryer is installed in the most cramped areas like custom cabinetry.
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    Dryer vent cleaning

    Yeah we could never bring ourselves to tape each one thus our upgrade to the button lock version. Increased efficiency. I love the idea of the reverse skipper ball but don't have the space or budget for a compressor that could push one (10cfm+). I've often wondered if a reverse skipper ball...