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    Color Sealing Mexican Floors

    How you remove all the sealer from the grout lines so color seal will bond to grout?
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    Vegas attendees

    I will be there Wen thru Sat.
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    Review transfer

    Specifically ask your customers to please review you on google. Tell they a benefit to the review.
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    Do you include Taxes in your prices

    I am in New Mexico and we have to change sales tax on the whole ticket.
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    What van do i need?

    I would go with a 1 ton extended van.
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    How much can you clean in an hour?

    I estimate 400-800 sq ft a hour for my crews. Lower end on small jobs and higher end on big jobs. Also on Saturday when they want to get off early then they do 2x the sq ft per hour.
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    Is it possible???

    Agitate with the 175 then use tile brushes on the grout line. Should come out fine.
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    Any opinions on these three Prochem units?

    Smallest footprint is legend with a water belly tank. Saves lots of space for stretchers, airmovers and such.
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    Freeze Damage!

    When the temp gets really cold, I put 2 heaters in truck on 2 different circuits and also put a blanket over the truckmount. One way to know if the heaters on different circuits is to plug in both heater and set them on high. Little heater on high draw about 12 amps so a 15 or 20 amp circuit...
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    taxes and deprecation of the truckmount.

    if the majority of your puchases are in the last quarter of the year, you will have to depreciate it using the mid month convention. A way to avoid this is to section 179 the amount you want to depreciate.
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    The Journey for my new to me TM begins.

    Are you passing thru Las Cruces? stop by and I will buy you lunch.
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    Reel Innovations Real Review

    I can buy it from you if you cant get it to work.
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    Whos still here? From the ol days

    I still put in regularly but only to mostly look.
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    Houston area flood

    Are you in the Houston area? Are you getting calls yet?