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    Scrubbing carpets with a brush

    If I had money to get a CRB , I'd just get a better extractor. I'm tryin to use what I got to get what I want.
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    Scrubbing carpets with a brush

    I was rooked by rotovac and I didn't get a chance to upgrade my package before the bank got the info to finance, so I have a porty with Hella crappy pressure(120, but will be upgrading to 220 soon)and dual 2 stage vacs.. I'd like to get something for agitation since my psi is low like an Oreck...
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    urine stains

    Regular peroxide from the dollar store /drug store?
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    Optimum Jet Sizing for Wands for carpet cleaning (TMF100)

    Well, since you asked Sir. Lol (huge fan of TMF by the way, just starting out). I have the TMI auto seal wand, and the dual jets on that are 10004. I have the Enduro 2120 which is just 120 psi. But I will be upgrading to a 220 pump soon. Not sure what to do to the jets to upgrade them.
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    How do you know when to use what tool?

    Yeah I been watchin alot of videos, taking notes, screen shots, and alot of detective work when people decide to hide labels. Huge shout out to Brown Pro Carpet Cleaning out of Maryland and Courtney for Truman Steemers. They offer alot of knowledge and that's huge! Thank you. And thank you all...
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    How do you know when to use what tool?

    Hello all! I am new to the carpet cleaning industry as well as these forums which are awesome by the way. I was wondering how do you know what tool you should use for what job? If you walk into a job and look at the carpets, what tells you whether you should use the wand, a CRB, or a rotary?