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    How to unclog 01 jets?

    I bring the end of the solution line and vacuum hose to the back of the van before reeling to make reeling go a lot better since I have manual reels.
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    What’s best ATW temperature range for cleaning carpets?

    Heat has it's place. I say it is great to have crazy heat if you happen to encounter a real pit. Heat will remove gum and candle wax with a few choppy passes with no chemical necessary. If it's not so nasty, we must turn the temp dial down a few degrees. I have been using LP for 35 years now...
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    Truckmount fires - Why so many??

    This is when I would say, "Sometimes a little rain must fall. In this case, rain would help!"
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    Do you want still pics or a short video? Bob

    Do you want still pics or a short video? Bob
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    The Best Portable ETM Ever Designed - Eletric Truck Mount Portable

    I am fortunate enough to have what I consider to be the best ETM out there. I say the best because I have been running it now for 20+ years with no problems with it's design. It has very high heat (240,000 btu auto LP), great vacuum even at 150' (twin vac motors), tower design vacuum system so...
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    what day of the week?

    We mail out to customers who had their cleaning done on the present month a year ago so we keep in step with the time of year they usually clean. It doesn't matter what day of the week as far as I can see.
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    Some Time Less vaccum is better option.

    I have done the same thing by running the steam line from the van (propane heat), and using a portable for extracting. That is what gave me the idea for designing a modular electric truckmount many moons ago. Just used that ETM today and it still performs better than a lot of gasoline straight...
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    Some Time Less vaccum is better option.

    Shouldn't that last sentence say "decrease" dry times.
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    Would like some input if you have one or know of someone who does.

    I bought my truckmount in Georgia over 30 years ago at Cleaning Technologies (Vic Richardson), which was a unit very close to the one TCS built (LP heater). I am still using it daily and it has never been in a repair shop in 35 years. It is that simple to work on, and VERY reliable and very...
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    Thoughts on propan vs fuel oil

    I agree that propane can be a hassle, so that's why I developed and patented a very simple and safe LP heater several years ago. I used the LG 3-HT LP heater for years, but I wanted something with more heat without having to fuss with a pilot. It has an auto lighter for the pilot, and a...
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    Here's my take on these new truckmounts that Rob is offering. They look awesome, especially at night. They sound awesome, but no one knows how well they will perform until there is some time for them to prove themselves. Let's check back after a few cleaners are using them and they can share...
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    Removing salt water residue from carpets

    I have removed dried salt residue from many carpets. I just crank up the heat at the truckmount and it is gone! No chemical used at all. I do use a 240,000 BTU LP burner though.
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    How important is emptying out your waste tank?

    This pump will last for years running continuously in all kinds of weather when used in Koi pond. So, I decided to try it out as an APO and it has lasted for several years of daily use in our Koi pond, and in my recovery tank in both of our vans. Here is the filter. Cover the filter with a...
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    How important is emptying out your waste tank?

    It is soooo nice to have a kickin' APO so you never have to use the waste tank dump valve daily! The tank empties when the level is at one foot.