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    Truck Mounts with clutches / leave on to avoid it going out ?

    I have over 30,000 hours on my truckmount with the original clutch! Now it will probably fail since I bragged on it! Jim is correct about low RPM to turn it on or off.
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    Please, please PLEASE change your solution lines yearly or...

    Carpet repair knife = Bloody Mary! It will cut you before you realize it. Ask me how I know?
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    Client says we lost her rug pad and wants get paid

    If you do not replace her pad, regardless of whose fault it is, she could do a lot more than $60 damage to your reputation. Tell her you are pretty sure you didn't lose it after talking to your techs, but you do not want her to be upset about it. I would say that her painter may be the culprit...
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    Really miss the old TMF days!

    Doesn't matter. It all comes out in the end, and I mean the END, period!
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    Really miss the old TMF days!

    I remember a few decades ago going from 2 rooms and a hall for $55 to $120. We suddenly got very busy with a new type of clientele, one who wanted quality, not low price!
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    Portable vs Truckmount ticket averages

    And the reason for that is those multi truck companies go after what they can reach with their truckmounts, and may have another division that does the portable job reaches only. How do you know what is portable job and what is a TRUCKMOUNT JOB - you've done both so you fine tune that!
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    Boxxer 318 Dead. Where to get a Briggs & Stratton replacement

    You may also have to change the mounting setup as it might not align with the present setup on your machine frame.
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    TMF Devastator Filter Review

    I would NEVER bring an inline filter inside to your cleaning job! It stays at the machine.
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    Hi from nz. Me and my ninja 500 and a dream !!

    Are you heating the water after or before the pump?
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    CRB vs Rake

    I am using an older Host machine given to me by an apartment complex many moons ago for my CRB. It really kicks the stuff up and out of the carpet after pre-spraying!
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    the true cost of a truckmount...

    If you take care of your equipment it can last for several years. I purchased my dual wand truckmount in 1984 for $6500 cash, installed with reels and hoses and tools, and still using it today as my primary cleaning setup. I have made some modifications over the years to improve the power. It...
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    One positive thing out of all of this....

    I like the term "pre experienced"! That's all I've ever had and really no complaints about that.
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    Mytee TWIN TURBO ???

    I removed the generator from the cage and hard mounted it on top of the fresh water tank. The water tank has a hard covering over it to support the weight of the generator. Then I ran a fuel line with a filter to the van gas tank. To give me four separate 20 amp circuits I built a splitter box...
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    Mytee TWIN TURBO ???

    Looks like that one should handle it! Here's the one I have.
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    Mytee TWIN TURBO ???

    Awesome. I have a 10,000 watt Honda generator plumbed into the van fuel tank, and have been very satisfied with it. I have had it for 10years now and did have to replace the generator head once 7 years ago.