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    This one may go to court and I'm not getting involved.

    Attorney by day only. I'm glad you all appreciate my help. Lesson learned.
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    This one may go to court and I'm not getting involved.

    I am an attorney and Todd is correct. You are only compelled to testify as to facts. If the property manager wants your opinion, then you are an expert witness and you are entitled to charge the party calling you for your testimony.
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    Tumbled Marble Floor

    I think a neutral stone cleaner would be your best bet. A high alkalinity cleaner can also damage marble. A pad is much preferred since it will retain the dirt.
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    Harwood help please!!

    Is this finish supposed to be applied to engineered wood? Won't the aluminum oxide finish repel the coating?
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    Sir Grout

    Yo Pistol. You just articulated the problem. Their royalty and advertising fees are so excessive that the franchisee needs to charge more just to maintain any kind of a margin. Ethan, I have an idea. Why not retain Pistol or someone else on this board who already has a successful hard...
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    Sir Grout

    I've read their FDD. You're paying a lot, both up front and then with continuing royalties and advertising fees, just for some organization. They may be good for marketing, however. I think their website is the best in the business.
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    Shower mold, customer complaint

    If I get my suit back from the dry cleaners and its nice and pressed, who is going to have a problem with the cleaners if that the suit got dirty 3 weeks later?
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    Removing paint from concrete

    Try using a wet sandblasting attachment to a pressure washer. The paint should come right off.
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    Speed of TMF...Everyone please help.

    Slow. Windows 10, laptop, Microsoft Edge. This has been going on for the last 4 or 5 days.
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    Concrete staining

    When you book a decorative concrete job, always get 50% of the quoted price up front. That way, it evenly splits the risk between the customer and you. Your customer bears the risk at the beginning and you bear the risk at the end. You should be able to recover all or most of your costs with a...
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    Concrete staining

    Once an acid stain reacts with the calcium in concrete, you really can't re-stain it again because that reaction has already taken place. Accordingly, you would have to use a water-based stain which will give the concrete a different appearance. A pic or two would be helpful. Last, the...
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    Prepping for Hurricane-Any advice?

    Katrina survivor here. Put all refrigerated and frozen items in garbage bags and then put them back in the refrigerator/freezer. If the power goes out for several days, you can just throw the garbage bags away but your refrigerator will not be contaminated with rotted food.
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    Walkoff mats left grout discolored

    The slow process is the problem. I have a Daimer steamer but it seems to be practical for only small areas. How could SAA do Sea World and finish before Christmas?
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    11K website update

    I like the website.