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  1. ccclean

    Official Hydramaster Truckmount review thread

    I owned a 421, it was bulletproof and I neglected it.
  2. ccclean

    My motor blew up :( Can anyone tel me how many horsepower it takes to run a 56 blower?

    A rebuilt motor will almost never be as reliable as an original un-opened motor.
  3. ccclean

    Rug Calendars for 2019

    That sounds great! I just sent you an email.
  4. ccclean

    Hands-on Rug Washing Class

    Outstanding class, I’ve taken it. Even if you never plan to wash a rug it will allow you to talk with authority about how they should be handled for in home cleaning.
  5. ccclean

    Boxer 421 valve clearances

    Leave them be. Unless the tec is a real pro you are asking for trouble.
  6. ccclean

    2 inch Sapphire Scientific wand

    In almost new condition, it came with my machine, I’ve tried it but I do almost entirely residential and it’s too unwieldy for tight spaces. It has a green glide with 1 use on it. Pickup only in Boston area $500 the glide alone was $180.
  7. ccclean

    Blue spots appeared after cleaning

    Did it happen anywhere the USOR was not applied?
  8. ccclean

    Suction comes and goes on my performer 405

    I think something is just blocked or the filter is getting water bound.
  9. ccclean

    would you take one?

    One time I was so starving hungry I ate some Jelly Belly jelly beans that were in a jar. That was 7 years ago and the same jar is still there. Who knows how long it was there before that
  10. ccclean

    Truck mount problems

    Ive had problems with mine and the guys there have been great. But my machine is down A LOT I wish that wasn’t the case. Phone calls don’t fix machines, it’s hard to not have a bad taste in your mouth when you are losing money because the machine is down. I think they are a good company that...
  11. ccclean

    Truck mount problems

    These machines shut down when the water box hits some really low number like 185. They live on the brink of shutting down. I’ve been through the runaround with mine. Pull the blue wire on the pump switch if you need to get through a job. And if all possible run live water from the house to the...
  12. ccclean

    Truck mount problems

    Have you replaced thermal relief?
  13. ccclean

    Saphire 870 Shuts off

    Unfortunately common problem. If it’s a genuine overheat replace thermal relief. If its truly intermittent replace temp sensor and work your way out. You can remove the blue wire in the back of the pump switch if you need to get through the job.
  14. ccclean

    New 570 apex

    I think it’s pretty much a 570, either way it’s my next machine
  15. ccclean

    SS 570

    I’m guessing if we took a poll of who’s running HX vs Fuel and making over 100k it would be mostly guys running HX and those of the big 3 and butler nonetheless. And make money and do good work is what we are all looking to do in the end.