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  • Howdy, all!

    Been in the Janitorial business since High School (total of +30 years now). Started in CA, now live in Lawton/Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. We specialize in commercial contract cleaning (mostly banks). We purposely keep to averaging about $225,000 annually. We have about a dozen part-time employees.

    I have owned a TM, but have used mostly portables through the years. I am a proud user of a SeaHawk porty, which is really a branded Mytee 1003 dx system. However, we have recently added a Trailer-mounted Recoil from Cross American and a Little Giant 2HT from Jan Sullins. Great set-up!!. We love commercial, and it has been our specialty through the years.

    We have great respect for many of the professionals on this forum and will always endeavor to treat them with the dignity they deserve. No one can know it all, but together we can come pretty close.

    We look forward to a great interchange here on TMF.


    Curtis Elliott
    A-1 Janitorial Services, Inc.
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