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    Is the janitorial business even worth it?

    Agree completely with stone face, that is how we run our business
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    Anybody have an Airhog for sale?

    I have been very happy with the dual motor air hogs, it is great that I can pump them out where they sit or let them suck back to the mother ship at the beginning of the line.
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    Is the janitorial business even worth it?

    any business can be profitable if you manage it close and tight, bid things to pay decent and make a decent profit. let the other low ball stuff go to the hacks, there are plenty of customers that will pay for high quality. On 3.5 million in rev we usually net about 30 percent, yes I work...
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    T Rex low suction

    Thanks Fedri, I will do that, I have already turned down the pressure to 250 and that helped. It should be here in a few days I will put it on and report back. John has been helpful, I appreciate that it is more than I get from a lot of manufactures
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    Losing a large account

    If it is a large account , say 100,000 or more per year , then I could see where having an owner operator would make someone nervous, you go down and the whole thing goes down, big customers like to see a more corporate structure, multiple levels of management , so the chain is not in...
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    upright vacuum choice

    We have tons of pack packs and they have their place , but our main work horse is the new style Windsor Versematic 18". If you are doing large commercial offices it is what we like best, has a wand the is very easy to pull and use and is quiet , powerful, easy change brushes and paper bags...
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    T Rex low suction

    well that gives me hope I may get this solved, I will look very carefully again at the threads , I took a look at them when John LaBarera mentioned this but I will look again. and I will try just 25 feet of hose, It really feels like the shaft is fully seated, but John LaBarera is sending...
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    T Rex low suction

    yes, I will take pictures tomorrow of all those things and post them
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    T Rex low suction

    I bought it from Aramsco in Franklin Park , Illinois, the suction right to the end of the hose is kick ass great ! but hook it to the T Rex and it goes to whimpy at best, I turned down the psi on the pump, I do dry passes with the T Rex but still way too much water left, I have to hook...
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    T Rex low suction

    I did turn the pressure way down, to 200psi and I do trigger the water off and on , so as to not use too much, but even with dry passes the carpet is still too damp after cleaning. when you put your hand over the suction cups it just does not feel like you are getting all the power you had...
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    T Rex low suction

    I bought a new T Rex and hooked it up to work. Using a Natalus Extreme two big 8" vacs with a Mytee air hog booster , two more vacs, so 4 vacuums running. Suction was fantastic at the end of the 100 foot of 2 inch hose, hooked it the the T Rex did some carpet cleaning but I could tell...
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    Calcium chloride oily residue cleaning?

    we have fought this problem every year for 45 years in central Illinois, Sterns Chemical sells a product called concept 915 for exactly this thing. It work pretty good but is pricey. I have tried most every floor neutralizer you can think of and none of them work on ice melt residue...
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    Office cleaning bid help

    if it actually takes 3 hours a day that tells me it has to be about 15000 sq.ft since around 5000 per hour is a pretty good ballpark cleaning time in office areas. A decent price for five day per week full service office cleaning is $1.40 per sq.ft. So you have $21,000.00 per year or $1750...
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    Strip & Wax Problem

    Here is my opinion , I can see from the pictures that some of the tile has already buckled up a little bit , not your fault, could be age, moisture from the slab etc., so you are going to get some stripper and water under it, it usually comes right off with just a mop and a soft scrub pad on...
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    Huck or Microfiber

    So called lint-less huck towels are great for glass and mirrors, but after a hundred washing or so they start to fall apart and leave lint all over mirrors, sinks and glass , at that point we toss them. If you can afford them I buy new ones at about $6.00 a pound , after a few washings...