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    Strip/seal gas station Floor Monthly.

    If you can afford it eventually cordless autoscrubber with a strip pad would let you zoom through and extract all in one step. Basically dry in 5 minutes. It's what I do when I have to scrub and recoat certain rooms and halls in the buildings I maintain.
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    Greasing up truck mount blower

    Lucas red usually keeps my blower running perfect
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    Moldy hoses.

    More likely algae than mold the fresh water sight gauge hose in most of the butlers I've worked on has gotten it. Easiest thing is to just replace them.
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    judson fuel oil

    A pump clutch is also a must for any kind of extraction work for me. I know a lot of TMs have a bypass to cool down the pump but in my opinion why risk it not working when you can just turn off the pump and KNOW it isn't overheating?
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    What do you do to retain clients?

    Carpet protector and grout sealer I treat about the same. I ask every customer if they want it. If they say yes, I add it. If no, I leave it. If they say no and there's specific areas that would benefit from it (usually hallways/traffic lanes for cp and bathroom grout) I explain and ask again...
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    judson fuel oil

    The newer models might have one added. The ones I usually worked on were decently old when I started on them 8 years ago. And the only guy who had an issue with it consistently would leave his wand down for 20-40 minutes at a time talking.
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    judson fuel oil

    If you run the pump too long without pulling the trigger after a while the seals will go bad and need to be replaced ($150 and about 3 hours if you're slow) If you don't grease and wd40 the blower it'll get sticky and put more strain on the coupler and eventually break it. A new one every year...
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    judson fuel oil

    No but somehow can pop the main breaker in multiple houses. His words not mine.
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    judson fuel oil

    Only met one person with a Bane. I feel like a low IQ is part of the terms to buy one in the first place.
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    judson fuel oil

    For the pros it's a great machine. Reliable day after day and has no issue putting in a 17-20 hour day if you need it to. Always plenty of hot water and if you have the option for live water input and auto dump it'll run without stopping as long as you have gas in the tank. I think I've ran up...
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    judson fuel oil

    Use it enough and you can hear that sound anywhere in the house from vibration alone. Always know when your heater is running right!
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    Average sq ft per hr doing HWE?

    Residential probably 400-500 an hour depending on how much attention the rugs need. Commercial probably 800-1000 if I really get in the groove of things and it's a wide open space.
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    judson fuel oil

    If you've had a steamway for the past 15 years and liked it maybe look into a multi-steam from new england steamway up in Wallingford, CT. Diesel fired heat, pretty much all parts are generic and you just keep a second coupler at your shop in case you need it. Great guys, great customer support...
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    judson fuel oil

    You can always run diesel/fuel oil instead of kero though which is what I do. Easier to get than propane (for some that isn't a huge ripoff) and 8 gallons usually lasts me 1-2 weeks depending on outside temp.
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    Estimate for cleaning walls carpeted?

    The few times I did walls I used a sapphire upholstery tool and just left the water flowing instead of pulling the trigger every time. There were a lot of stains though. A good vac and encap would work well if the spots are minimal. And as Keep It Clean mentioned standing on ladder rungs can...