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    HouseCall pro tactics

    Guys - Lighten up. Like I said they have a good program. There is nothing wrong with the software ( as far as I can tell) It's the tactic of unprofessional pressured sales calls over and over that I was talking about and others tell me that they constantly get. This anyone should want to change.
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    HouseCall pro tactics

    Well, I just met Billy. Billy wouldn't tell me who he was until I was ready to hang up. Billy sounded like he was from the south side of Chicago and spoke with a deep gangster accent. Imagine my shock when he finally admitted that he was from House Call Pro and calling from San Diego. Now I know...
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    HouseCall pro tactics

    Yes pictures are helpful, we offer the ability at 3 stages of the online sales cycle to present pictures, text, html, and videos as well. Those stages are what we call the Category(carpet), Sub Category(area, room, sq feet, etc) and the Service Area - (clean, protect, etc) The ability to answer...
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    HouseCall pro tactics

    HCP - Not that I am aware FittleBug - See the other posted image... midway down . Also you can set "who" does what services and set minimums to different amounts based on categories . ie. you might want wood of marble to be a larger minimum. and yes you can share that you only do home and not...
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    HouseCall pro tactics

    HCP - NO FittleBug - Yes With FittleBug - Each employee can have different hours of operation
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    HouseCall pro tactics

    I KNOW I can help your 30 years old company with REAL-Time scheduling. Call me at 630-444-2000. It sounds like you have discovered the flawed results of a form. Forms don't empower, or the airlines would use them! lol Consumers demand real-time; they have figured out forms and know how to use a...
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    House Call Pro Online Booking

    Allied - So Sorry for the delay. We have been busy and haven't checked back here much. When you place an order in HCP on their Calendar and save it - it goes out to your GCal. If you have numerous employees, call the calendar events will go out to the "same" calendar in GCal called...
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    Gaining property management accounts

    A client suggested that we build something for the PM's - so we did: Tres out of Texas suggested that Property Manager and others are a potential large market for his industry of carpet cleaning. He has property manager clients that he cleans rental properties and more for on a regular basis...
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    Advice on getting new customers

    For commercial - I found that it you pound the pavement in the long run it's the best. You gotta be different or you're the same and might as well stay home.
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    FB How many of you have your prices on your website? Does it help?

    Really Rob? This is so contradictory to the whole HCP concept TMF promotes (with good reason btw) using their business model and their more recent Yelp relationship. I know that you don't know me well, but now might be a good time to get to know each other. I am going to post "just one" image...
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    House Call Pro Online Booking

    You mean like this? and the calendars of EACH INDIVIDUAL truck calendar can sync into FittleBug. Very flexible... oh and you probably could maintain both South Bend and Nashville off the same FittleBug.
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    Housecall the future

    Shane - Allow me to address your concerns: Dont get to speak with people and feel them out - Your Time is money. Collect a security deposit with online real-time booking. Money is Money... direct them to a time slot you want - Distance Incentive... . Distance Deny... Can end up with 2...
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    FB Listing your prices online: good idea or bad idea?

    Respectfully - That's old school! If techs wanted to be in Sales, they would be in sales. Some are good at it by nature, but not most. Maybe they should review the 7 Basic Habits of Highly Effective People. Not. Concentrate on what you clients want and what your employees do for you. Don't make...
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    FB Anyone having any luck, good or bad with online booking? Through any site/app? Number of jobs you

    Antonio - I asked one of our clients after his second year - "How many cancellations did you have"? His answer was "zero". When people have skin in the game they tend not to cancel. Also, they feel more comfortable that the time they choose online is "actually" theirs! (another big problem of...