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    What’s your cash advance policy for employees?

    I’ll advance what ever has been accumulated in the vacation pay. Up to and no more than twice a year
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    What's your biggest business weakness?

    Just being the mostist, honest, nicest guy in the business! LOL (go ahead let it rip guys lol)
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    Christmas in June Apex 570

    Congratulations on the new machine. Not so much on the new van. I know your going to miss hitting your damn head. Now you’ll just have to do it for fun!!!! LOL
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    If your talking about marmoleum. There are times it’s not a choice. Under chairs and in front of photocopiers it just doesn’t stand up. I personally hate this type of flooring.
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    Liability? Need to refer customer to water restoration, they refuse.

    Had this exact same issue this spring only with a roof leak. I wouldn’t do a thing until the carpet was pulled back and everything was treated properly and completely dried out. After that I made them sign a waver that we were only there to clean the carpets and in no way were responsible for...
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    Just be careful it’s not marmoleum. In that case it can have finish (not recommended by manufacturers) but done differently than sheet vinyl
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    Industry Cry Babies

    It is amazing how people spend so much time watching other people. It’s the reason I wouldn’t ever sign up for faceless book. Really I don’t need to know your every little move. I couldn’t careless. Same applies to business. I have to much to concern myself with with what I’m doing. Little own...
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    Are you sure it’s sheet vinyl?
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    The most thorough carpet cleaning

    That’s just gross! Hope he never gets into a flea or bed bug job! Honestly anyone keeping there shit like that is a hack. And I don’t care who comes to his defence. I’m embarrassed for him.
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    Late fee's , special occasion & holiday fee's

    Well with due respect I’d disagree. I don’t charge extra for such things. I just make sure I have enough built in.
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    Late fee's , special occasion & holiday fee's

    Depends are you trying to keep customers? Starting to charge such fees is a good way out the back door.
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    Implementing late fees

    . I have never charged a late fee. It’s a good way to piss them off and get nothing out of it. I’d suggest building this into work for the customer. IE if your hourly rate is 40/per hour up there’s to 45. Much better. They never notice and your getting paid to bank roll them. The last thing you...
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    Heck Of A Sample

    I wouldn’t have done it in the middle of the floor. It was kinda asking for it lol. Knowing people I would have done it in a lot less obvious and smaller section.
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    Stripping Brush vs Pads

    Just be sure to buy a splash guard. Brushes are great but we still use pads as well. Every floor is different.
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    upright vacuum choice

    Lindhaus vacuums are one of the best I’ve found. Very costly but great vacuums. I’ll agree with Mat that without a wand it’s of no use to me.