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    I think I have made my Decision

    I like my Diesel El D, I'm coming up on 4000 hours
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    Cat pump oil

    Can I use Cat pump oil in a general pump?
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    Prochem Wand leaking significantly

    Seems like every November for us, everything starts dripping and leaking. We never let our stuff freeze but even temps in the 40's can cause issues. There are rebuild kits for the trigger and springs and balls in the jets most likely.
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    First job ever today......

    When running hoses over ledges like that you should protect the paint with towels or a hugger type guard, the vacuum hose will continuously shrink and expand, this movement will easily damaged the corners. The rug is really whatever the customer wants. If you move it and clean under it, it will...
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    Best carpet edging tool

    We also go to the stair tool quite often, I find that it feathers it out better than the crevice wand. I've seen that crevice wand leave clean streaks.
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    What's the different about alkaline tile&grout cleaner or acid tile&grout cleaner?

    We always start with Grout Master (ALK), rinse really well. if there are any stains or darker areas left we spot treat those areas with acid. Rarely do we clean a whole floor with acid, but we are 99 percent residential. Always protect stainless appliances when applying acid anywhere even close...
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    Ever bumped a small job for a large one?

    I sent you a job today Rob, don't bump him! LOL
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    House Call Pro alternative?

    Gotcha...looks like Roland has some options for you. Just out of curiosity, have you ever thought about cleaning full time? I took a leap of faith, quit my job, went into debt... and I was scared as hell. 13 years later... I couldn't be happier, we are doing really well.
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    House Call Pro alternative?

    Mr Steamer...don't be afraid to grow, it will hold you back from your full potential. I find that Housecall, without doubt, pays for itself. Housecall Pro has increased our sales big time, customers love the communication, we now have 159 5 star reviews on Google, repeat customers and...
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    Need New Online Source of Leads

    I would try some more effective, lower cost gorilla type marketing such as network groups, door to door, facebook groups ect...those lead sources can suck you dry if you let them.
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    Buying a New Tile & Grout Spinner - What's Works for you?

    We have 2 turbos and keep one set as brush and one with nylon ring. Both have their uses. We use the heck out of them, they both need ring replacements. My brush is down to the plastic on the front side, just realized this today. That's not good. I like when the nylon rings are brand new and...
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    Color Seal Shower?

    color sealer doesn't stick real well to unsanded... definitely not in a shower. If anything regrout shower.
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    What is this block for?

    Okay, Thanks again!...Merry Christmas
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    What is this block for?

    Thanks Todd, so in a pinch it looks like I could just bypass that for now and run that blue pressure hose directly to the unloader until I can get a new nipple?
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    What is this block for?

    So I developed a bad water leak coming from the brass nipple connector that connects the unloader to this block. The brass piece is where you can see the white teflon tape, and it's leaking from the side that goes into the block. This is a TCS Chief II, my question is what does this block do...