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    2013 Chevy Express w/ CDS 4.8

    Where are you located?
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    All about hoses

    That’s Amflex hose? Joe has free shipping so it’s cheaper to buy it straight from him.
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    Green Cleaning Prespray

    I've only used it for carpets, both HWE and VLM. Works really well. My uncle has used it for at least 10+ years for everything and won't use anything else. He doesn't even have another prespray in his van, just Carpet Details and a couple different spotters.
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    Green Cleaning Prespray
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    Green Cleaning Prespray

    Give Carpet Details a try. Green as it gets and cleans great.
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    Anyone using Water softener

    What softener did you buy? Was it easy to install?
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    I got out and I'm selling off my gear and chemicals.

    Are you in Salt Lake? What chems do you have?
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    Pads/Bonnets for Orbot Vibe

    I have some Gladiator pads for sale cheap. They're some of the best OP pads, similar to the Superzorbs. Let me know if you want some more info.
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    To Rinse..........Or not to rinse.............That is my question..........

    What prespray do you normally use? Is it closer to neutral to begin with? Do you ever use higher PH presprays?
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    1.5" or 2" with my mytee portable?

    Did you notice a difference in dry times with and without the glide?
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    Just a man and his brushpro
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    Tap Water Carpet Extractor

    I clean with my OP machine 99% of the time but have a Pacific Tsunami (rebranded Steamin Demon) on my van. I like to use it on trashed houses or on really bad traffic lanes that the OP machine struggles with it. It's not a perfect machine but it is easy to set up and use. Mine doesn't have a...
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    Worx Sprayer Review

    I like the Worx except for how long it takes to prime and it constantly needing to reprime in the middle of spraying. I'm probably going to cut the hose down quite a bit.
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    Needing employees in Bend Oregon!

    I was in Bend a couple weeks ago and saw your box truck driving around a few times. We plan on moving there eventually.
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    Hey, I saw you use a Chemtex truckmount. How do you like it? Has it been reliable for you? I'm...

    Hey, I saw you use a Chemtex truckmount. How do you like it? Has it been reliable for you? I'm from St. George and saw one for sale in Provo that I'm thinking of looking at. It would be my first truckmount. Thanks, Eric