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    Need Help sourcing parts for Bluewave and Thermal Wave II HP Vortec.

    I've got a blue wave D. Sapphire scientific still stocks some of the parts but you will have to go through the dealer Jon don. Download the Manuel for the machine and give jondon the part number so they can look it up through their database. Even if Sapphire doesn't stock it they still have the...
  2. Hawkins

    Rotovac XL dramatic difference live video...

    It's ordered along with two containers of RSF spiked pre spray. Thanks for bringing cool new stuff to the industry Rob.
  3. Hawkins

    Rotovac XL dramatic difference live video...

    I will try it [emoji41] . Ordering right now.
  4. Hawkins

    Rotovac XL dramatic difference live video...

    Hey Rob. Thanks for the vid. It was kind of hard for me to hear but just to clarify that is the "RSF acidic rinse" your using there correct? I was thinking of ordering some. Just want to be sure I got it right. Thanks.
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    Bentley swivel wand

    I used it. Allot!
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    Bentley swivel wand

    Hey Johnny. How goes it? Nothing against Mr. Dang or Mr. LaBarbara here. As for customer service yes your right about Mytee and I can not speak for Mr. Dung as you call him. What gets me is how much you spend for a special tool that should last 3 years at the very least before needing to do any...
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    Bentley swivel wand

    As for the water coming out of the head the only thing I have found is these stubby check valves from Westpac here's the link The last for a couple of months before you have to replace them again but are worth it in my opinion. They will...
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    Bentley swivel wand

    Well I have to say I'm a little disappointed in mine. I have taken really good care of it and have only had it a year so far. This year is the busiest it has been for me since I started in 2010 and have put this Mytee wand through it's paces. So let's start with the handle. Six months into it...
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    Caption this picture to win

    "Trump Wall" project under way essay!
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    Wall to wall browning won't go away

    My living room in the place I'm renting now does the same thing and this is what I do to clean it.
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    Wall to wall browning won't go away

    Your funny Rob! I think you know that you need to pull carpet back to investigate. If it's nothing to serious, rotovac it, neutralize it, bonnet dry along with air movers, collect check, and don't forget to have them leave a 5 star review after you check back with them 3 days from now. I usually...
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    Experience Carpet Cleaning Trade Show Clearwater Fl 2017

    Rob is that a stair tool in the front of the stand there? If so do you sale it? What's it called and for how much? Thanks...
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    Need help labeling a new prespray

    How about Poly Might. And one 1 ounce scoop for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE!...
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    Modification 4 to the door

    And though you measured it at 3" is actually a 2.5". The focus is on the inner portion. Sent from my Pixel XL using TMF Forums mobile app