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    Do you trust other cleaners? - The value of a strategic partnership.

    Networking is huge. I currently own three businesses. Two are now ran by my managers and I am working on a third. In our world even knowing some people you can trust is huge. I helped many business get started by referring work and even subbing them out. Remember one thing. The more people...
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    Odor removal

    How have you been using it? Do you run the car with the HVAC system on recirculate? We use a Vaportek cartridge machine and run it while the car runs on recirc. It allows the molecules to get into all the ducting. Make sure you switch from Defrost, to Floor and bi-level and such
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    Cedar Cleaning

    That's interesting. We do not do much wood. I was not aware you needed to follow up a precarb after cleaning. Is that because it is bare wood. What if you use it to clean a painted or stained wood?
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    Starting cleaning business need some advice what is the best way to pay employees and how to get jobs

    I found a combination of pay is best for our business. Depending on the client and profit scale I chose my cleaners. I have a cleaner that is slow but does amazing work and I have a few that are faster but miss a few items. Some are looking to grow their own type of business which I pay as...
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    Cedar Cleaning

    I have never messed with Cedar, but a client that we do his rental houses is willing to pay the rate I want to drive down and do his private residence. What process/chemicals have you used to clean Cedar trim and Cedar siding?
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    How much money needed to start a carpet cleaning business?

    It can cost you nothing. There are a lot of Angel investors looking for a investment and to partner with someone who with integrity who is hungry to succeed. So my answer is $0. There are even a few O/O's I know that would like to get off the truck and sell there business. Work for them on a...
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    DI and WFP Learning experiences

    I have never paid much attention to TDS. Have you guys used Distilled water when traditional window cleaning?
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    DI and WFP Learning experiences

    interesting. We have a different business model than most. We mainly do residential and we do big projects. If a house is for sale, flipped, construction, rental turnover or just plan neglected we come in and do everything from Cleaning, windows, carpet, tile/grout, pressure washing, house...
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    DI and WFP Learning experiences

    I understand the overall process of the WFP, however I would like to how you made the switch, what system you started with, lessons learned and what you would do different.
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    New to the business

    I have a 5 GPM Landa and we use a 35 gallon buffer tank. Most places that tank size is fine, however we did a house a few weeks ago that only put out 2.5 GPM. Take a 5 gallon bucket and measure 60 seconds when you bid a job to see GPM. I don't like to haul big buffer tanks.
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    What Does General Liability Insurance Actually Cover?

    Dave, Great questions. People who ask these questions will become wealthy. Making sure you know where your liabilities are is great for your business and family. The GL is what I call catastrophic type like the van burns down a house exampled used above. Asking an insurance agent if you need...
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    Larger Water Pump

    So I sold my business several years ago in Florida and move back to MI. The business has been slowly sucking me back in. I found a truck mount carpet cleaning trailer with accessories I can use for my van and use the trailer for the power washing. I was thinking about putting a larger water...
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    Cleaning block retaining wall

    12.5 SH with Lemonator down streamed and rinsed. Usually took atleast two years to see the returned growth
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    Are attachments like sand blasting kits worth buying?

    Pressure Tek makes a 4 tip soldered together that I used for down streaming and rinsing. It makes life quick and amazing.
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    Mid Michigan Cleaners

    FYI. Still looking at helping and investing in a cleaning company in Michigan. My wife and I are good on the business side of things. We currently own and operate a company that did over 1.4 Million in revenue last year( not cleaning). We will not need to take income from the business right...