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    If you do a lot of commercial....

    I couldn't do it without my zipper spinner works great no back aches on large areas but I m 78 and no helper and still love to clean dirty carpets. Jack Zipper Zerkie
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    want to upgrade my pump 100psi too?

    you need balance each unit should be able to recover what the flow at your wand. jz.
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    Any HydraMaster Rotary DriMaster owners out there?

    Yes I can send photos my zip 33904 what is your location. jz
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    When to not go VLM

    I use Bonnet pro on most furniture with a water rinse with my porty makes it easy and saves the truckmount.
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    My Cheap & simple Cobb pegs out at 240 atm all day never any problems 9 yrs and going strong. Simple& easy like me. jz.
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    #1 Reason Carpet Cleaners Die from is...

    Wow I eat Wendy's chili 5 days a week and just made it to 78 so that's good news for me. Sorry Doc.
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    Do you read Cleanfax? Plus:Write up they just did on me.

    Yes been reading it from the start in 1984 or whenever the first one came out .Really enjoy the hard copy for bathroom reading. Great mag with interesting info and advertising .Some very knowledgeable people writing articles.
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    Secret Formula

    Hi Rob your like my wife of 54 yrs she never understands my questions. I'm sorry . I want to know if the product is really a shampoo or just extraction . Either would work but I don't want to use it the wrong way as a shampoo and over wet the item being cleaned.It could be my old age I just...
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    Secret Formula

    Hi Rob is my question in the wrong area . Could you please move it to the proper one. Thank you. jz
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    Secret Formula

    Hi Rob just wondering about secret formula. I read the label and says it's for extraction. That's fine but wondered if it will foam up enough to really use as a shampoo for very delicate material . Sometime I use a mit or brush to apply keeping the moisture to a minimum not chancing damage to...
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    When customer's try to do their own stain removal!!!

    Simple answer the homeowner can not pre treat the carpet evenly on all the carpets like you can and will create other problems.If your hired its your job not his.
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    How to clean dirty restaurant

    I just received a free sample of a new powder removes blood and soil as a pre spray . If interested call or text me. 239 851 3102
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    Vibe brush head

    I have the carpet brush for the vibe used about 4 times and washed it out. Now some of the glued pads have come loose I v'e called orbot no answer. What type of water proof glue is best to use to re attach to the pad. ?
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    If you have good equipment and maintain it and hold the wand on the carpet you will get all the lift you need. Don't worry about the numbers. jz