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    Attention Restoration companies

    Thank you!! Do you know of any xactimate classes that can be taken that go through what we can all charge? Geared to restoration work
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    Attention Restoration companies

    When does this come around again?
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    Florida Floods

    We traveled down to Florida from WI looking to help assist other flood companies with work. If you are in need of help please do not hesitate to at least reach out. We brought tons of equipment
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    Grout Cleaner Recommendation Needed

    For some reason viper venom/renew work way better for have to tape off all stainless appliances, which suck. But results are always better
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    End year bonus or gifts?

    Jackets should not be looked at as a gift or part of a gift. That is our job as the owners to give them shirts, jackets, etc..... Last year I set up an IRA and put money into it for them. This year I set up a simple IRA and am matching 3%. Also having a xmas party (game night) with cash prizes.
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    Need to quote a church....

    Not sure what kind of concrete shoes your wearing, that's accurate guy. Even if your pace is stuck in 1st gear, and you finished it in a day its still great money for him. Sent from my LG-H910 using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Need to quote a church....

    Don't buy anything. .18-.20 sq ft. This is what I charge for church's, regular commercial accounts are a little higher. Do it with your TM. $1,000 in a half day. If your looking to invest in equipment for commercial get a Cimex. Do entry ways with TM and the big open areas with Cimex.
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    Lets talk about dry times

    This is fast!! That's impressive. I dont care what humidity it is this is fast!!!! Everything is dry before we leave except the last room we did. But I am a nazi with Studebakers.
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    Urine on upholstery removal

    I use Matrix Miracle and OSR from pro choice. Clean like normal, Followed by Odorcide
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    Urine on upholstery removal

    Urine stain remover will ONLY remove the stain not the smell. If you can separate the cushion from the fabric soak it in Matrix Miracle. Then spray with Odorcide.
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    Concrete soaked Mold mildew Scott W

    Large Negative Air Scrubber (700 - 1399 CFM) $121.63/day DONT FORGET - You also charge for a Hepa Filter - $190.26 AND....Equipment set up, takedown, and monitoring - $38.58 Hr ( dont charge over 3 hours)
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    What would you use on this Job Lotsa Pee Pee !

    I have yet to see a red remover with no heat work. I wish it did......
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    What would you use on this Job Lotsa Pee Pee !

    Your way to cheap Jeff. Just for normal carpet cleaning Im at $1596
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    Grout master question

    Did a job today with groutmaster on porcelain. Looked great, then it dried and a huge haze??? Went on my hands and knees with a wet towel and that did nothing. My question is if I seal this tomorrow will that haze go away or do I have to reclean it? The floor never dried before...