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  • you can get the job done with a less expensive light. We've got you covered there as well. Here is another link:

    http://www.this company does not support

    Please let me know if I can help you in any way. I would be more than happy to.

    ... and as for a UV light... hands down the best in the industry is our "big" one that you've heard about. That link is here:

    http://www.this company does not support

    There is no other UV light capable of doing what this one can. But.....

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    Hey Johnny, it was a pleasure to meet you at the "Vegas Experience".
    I noticed you were interested in a 12" Bentley glide and a UV light.

    We have the "Value Glide" for the Bentley for an excellent price, $69.95. Here's a link:

    http://www.this company does not support

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    surfactant +alkaine builder.

    Generally... anionic surfactant (low foaming) and alkaline builder such as sodium carbonate or many others work too.

    Thats all im saying. Try and buy a small amountof their surfactant. Ask them if its nonionic or anionic. Go buy your own for 1/100 of the price .
    Hi Johnny, I met yesterday the guy that sold you the banshee at Anahaim, I bought from him a little giant coil.
    Hey Johnny I saw a picture of a ramp for your machine that you made. I also liked that stopping point that you had. where did you get the metal brackets from?


    Yeah Johnny,
    I'm ok.
    Been pretty busy with work, helping a friend get his FXST back together and looking for a new
    used van to replace our old one.
    All is good with us.
    How's your new heater working out for you?
    Yeah I think I will get the parts and try to make one this weekend. Thanks for your help

    How much u selling that water claw for and is it tested and tough??? what a great idea .. Im still outfitting my new rig and have used a big WC on water damage and urine treatment but it seemed that the standing on it helped a lot .. Thoughts? I had it on the someday list because of the price but that is cheap
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