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    Vapor steamer

    Then start your own thread. You'll get much better answers.
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    Do some presprays scrub better than others?

    Is it just me or do other get better suponification when scrubbing one prespray over another?
  3. Ken Raddon

    Give some tips about estimate tiles jobs quote?

    Here is the formula I used for 30 years. Walk around and look at the tile (clean a few if you're not sure what it's going to take to come clean) estimate how long it will take you to clean it. Say on this job it will take 3 to 5 hours. Here's the formula part: multiply 5 hours (always take...
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    Starting cleaning business need some advice what is the best way to pay employees and how to get jobs

    Really? You're working on and or getting an MBA and come to a carpet cleaners bulletin board to answer those questions? There are a lot of smart people here but those are questions best asked to a CPA.
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    I've narrowed it down to Air Hog VS The CFX5 help me decide...

    Similarities: Both have two vacs, two cords, the option to pump out or suck to mother ship (thanks for that term Dex) both weigh less than 45 lbs Differences: The color if that matters, the CFX has a handle and can be carried up stairs with one hand the Mytee does not and cannot be carried...
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    Hardwood help needed

    That looks like wear to me. The old coating is worn through and the bare wood is exposed and it has become discolored/dirty. The ONLY thing that will restore that area is a sanding to expose new wood. Then you can recoat. A "clean" and recoat will not work here because there is no way to...
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    Please help!!!

    Well I don't normally respond to a thread with this much info already put in writing but I can't resist here. I cleaned carpet full time for 18 years and part of my window cleaning business (I actually added carpet cleaning to window cleaning then phased out the windows a few years later) for a...
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    Anybody have an Airhog for sale?

    I need a vac booster so if you know of one for sale let me know.
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    Protector mixing and leftovers

    Do it the easy way... Use solvent protector. That way you can go from carpet to upholstery and the only thing that changes is your application rate. Here are two honorable mentions:
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    Miscellaneous tools you use regularly

    A sense of humor because you are going to run into some pretty weird s**t.
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    Has anyone ever seen a solution line like this?

    Can you make it in custom lengths i.e. 35'?
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    FREE products!

    Let me be weird for a second... You'll use their forum to ditch their stuff and by doing so take a polite poke at them but a poke nonetheless but you wont use their stuff? After their stuff is gone are you going to stop coming here too? No disrespect intended sir, but I think mine are fair...