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    Has anyone used a unit from TCS?

    I went to supplier the other day 4 vans waiting for repair guy there said they were waiting on parts I can fix anything on my powermatic.
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    Customer wants me to pay $65 because I apparently didn't put their furnace door completely back on.

    Ya you did the right thing I think, your name is good and hopefully they will use you again.
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    All this mask crap is just like

    Hacky-sack I apologize for my words and anybody else I offended .
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    Today is an extremely sad day

    Sorry to hear about that rob
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    All this mask crap is just like

    It’s easy to talk trash on the keyboard what are you really like man to man I don’t believe you have anything to put up except your mouth I back my words anyday little left wing wuss
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    All this mask crap is just like

    The only cunts are you little bit and I ain’t no newbie go fudge yourself
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    All this mask crap is just like

    The only cunts are little bit
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    All this mask crap is just like

    Hacky sack they should of aborted your ass
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    Leave if you want

    Who cares what any of you left wing communists say.
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    Leave if you want

    It’s a free country if you don’t like something leave who gives a damn I will stay here and listen to rob cause he speaks the truth and sometimes to people that are blind it hurts them in the end you loose buddy.
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    I am a fisherman also I like river fishing for trout and also trolling for trout in New Mexico.
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    Any Idea on approx. amount of stripper needed for a ...

    A lot depends on how much wax is on it.
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    I was offering free carpet cleaning

    Ya Odin we have one of those governors also.