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    Employees denting my vans

    I did not say I expect zero dents in twelve years did I. All I am saying is I have had many people work for me over the last 18 years. Some of those people have dented my vans and have had more accidents then other employees. I am talking about accidents that were there fault. I just was...
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    Employees denting my vans

    I drive my own van and I know where every dent is from. I am very carefull with my stuff. My new van is 10 months old with no dents. My last van was twelve years old with one ding that I did. So he has more dents in one year than I did in twelve. If there is no punishment for damaging my...
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    Employees denting my vans

    Yes, I did ask him about the dings and he said he does not know where they came from.
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    Employees denting my vans

    I noticed my van that one of my employees drives everyday has two new dings in the drivers door today. It looks like he parked to close to something and opened the door then hit the door. I was wandering what everyone’s policy is on something like this. Thanks in advance Kyle
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    Need some extra cash......Wanted....Roots 59 or 56 blowers......Cash in hand.

    I have a 5.6 blower with oil bath on both sids give me a text or call I am in Naples fl 239-290-3961
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    2006 dodge sprinter with Judson 4.8 trilob blower and 29 hp .efi

    147 thousand miles runs great truck mount hour about 4 thousand runs good. Stainless waste tank and freash water tank. Electric hose reel. Nice set up new 60 thousand used and a little rusty 6 thousand 239-290-3961