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    Don't let down time take you down

    Kipp it's nice to hear from you again lately. Hope all has been well.
  2. LeeRoy

    Fox TM 9500 and supplies for sale

    Bryan, that is a nice machine! You shouldn't have any issues with getting it rehomed. Good luck my friend
  3. LeeRoy

    Cleaning Price

    $1200 and a case of toilet paper.
  4. LeeRoy

    Drying equipment for sale

    Good luck, I hope you get what you're asking.
  5. LeeRoy

    Tcs Chief II sputter

    You may want to check the waste tank shut off float wires/ connection. My machine (not a Chief) did the same thing in the past and that was the issue for me. Just something to look at and a easy fix. Good luck my friends.
  6. LeeRoy

    Vortex lite

    I've not used one, only seen videos. But it does look like a nice portable. I'll be interested also of what owners/ users say.
  7. LeeRoy

    Truck mount for Sale

    That's very low hours for a machine that old. Do you have any photos? Might help you sell it. Good luck
  8. LeeRoy

    Bonzer Jets

    Take care of yourself. That vertigo is a very odd feeling, I've had that for about a year.
  9. LeeRoy

    Pressure help!!!

    I agree with ccworks. I'd look at the belt and possible slippage. Good luck
  10. LeeRoy

    Bonzer Jets

    Fedri, you explained why you didn't like the tool, I just want your opinion on which one you liked better. Thank you sir
  11. LeeRoy

    Bonzer Jets

    Fedri, which did you prefer and why? I'm looking at purchasing one. The single wand style looks like it might be easier to use rather than the two handle. Thanks for any feedback.
  12. LeeRoy

    @Todd the Cleaner is in the hospital.

    Good to hear your family is able to keep the business going.
  13. LeeRoy

    Replace Waste Tank Blower Filter for El Diablo

    I was shocked that interlink was selling them for $140.
  14. LeeRoy

    @Todd the Cleaner is in the hospital.

    Thoughts and prayers to Todd and his family.