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    I need a GREAT carpet cleaning for Manhattan area!

    Hi guys!! After over a year coming back to the forums, but now looking for the best fellow carpet cleaner in NYC area. I still have my business, now I do a lot of consulting for Housekeeping, Custodial, environmental service to different places as school, senior living communities, hotels, etc...
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    Best new Vacuum for under 300 bucks

    in my opinion you overpay when is brand new, let me give an example, lindhaus i bought it for 150 bucks, brand new is over 700 bucks, i bought it 5 years ago, and I replaced 1 belt last year just because i replaced the brush. so really the vacuum costed me 200 bucks, i saved 500 bucks. that is...
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    Best new Vacuum for under 300 bucks

    if you need a vaccum used one, let me know, never buy new one!
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    Best new Vacuum for under 300 bucks

    I tried lindhaus: great filtration, great pick up, big filter bag, a little under powered, very durable. you set up the brush , sebo or windsor: terrible filtration even with hepa, expensive parts, very good pick up, sensor xp is brush automatic adjustment , proteam 1500 xp, great pick up...
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    Ink spot

    yes it was wet
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    In-line booster's effect on lift?

    8.5 inches of mercury, so mercury weights 13.5 more than water 8.5x13.5=114.75 inches of light. too low in my opinion, it has to be at least 135 and above.
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    In-line booster's effect on lift?

    This is the thing 6.6 ametek real life lift is around 100 to 110 water lift. and cfm around 130 8.4 ametek is 132 to 140 lift and 140 cfm 84 electro motor is 150 lift and 115 cfm. yes the electro motor use 15 amps, and the others less than 12.5 amps. at this point i dont care a booster which...
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    In-line booster's effect on lift?

    for i booster i would not recomen the 8.4 motors, because you need a motor with higher lift and a little less cfm. the booster is already boosting cfm, but no lift, so you need a booster with more lift. the 84 from electro motor is the best option
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    Scrub the floor with a pad, the pad color depends about he condition of the floor, scrub with any cleaners, then rinse it twice with just water, and the recoat with as many coats you might want
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    Omar, where are you located?

    Omar, where are you located?
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    In-line booster's effect on lift?

    no please no 6.6 and yes inline booster affect in high lift portable, unless they have the same lift as the booster
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    New 175

    Ohh jiu jitsu jiu jitsu, how i miss it!. Hopefully i will come back soon! btw what brand is that floor machine or 175?
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    TMF Carpet Cleaning Training School

    I don't know i just think it is valuable, yes maybe a little expensive, but valuable. Some people can learn by them self, others not.
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    TMF Carpet Cleaning Training School

    Rob, I know people who bought equipment for thousands of dollars and then they do nothing, I seen people buying wrong equipment and then is collecting dust. I have seen people cleaning in the very wrong way and they loose a client who can give them thousands of profits. I think the class is...
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    Vct strip and wax job

    Those type of floors are not supposed to get "waxed". And also it looks tacky. very tacky