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    Peroxide bleaching nylon

    Don't think it's a pretreatment done before me issue. And my short dwell/heat issue theory can't be right either, considering that peroxide is used in red dye treatment. Todds suggestion is probably right (and I'm hoping its that rather than bleach). I did consider that obviously but couldn't...
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    Peroxide bleaching nylon

    I got a customer......... He falls he bleeds.....and he falls a lot. I've pretreated with a 20 percent peroxide in a trigger spry bottle and come back in a couple hours. About 70% of the stains will be gone. The lighter stains that is . The remaining heavier stains take a little more work...
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    FB Ive got a older style bane electric it has...

    I plumbed my portable vac into mine. I removed the preasure release valve and replaced it with a pipe nipple (1 1/2" l think) the 1 1/2" hose cuff from the portable fits over the nipple snug. I run one vac in the portable usually because two will sometimes trip a breaker. Works...
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    Making a liquid spotter into a gel

    Is there a way to do this? I was thinking about mixing it with ky jelly.
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    Anyone cleaned carpet in a paper mill ?

    Got a call this morning to clean carpet in a paper mill. Not an office complex but offices adjacent to the mill. 22000 square feet and they want it cleaned quarterly. Only problem is l can't get an eye on it cause you can't enter the mill without completing a safety course and drug test (which I...
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    Changing out pumps in cobra H

    Got this old portable a couple years back and the pump went out. It has a surflo 100 psi and l want to go to an aquatec 220 psi (diaphragm pump). My question is will this pump have the same bolting pattern and wiring connections. I think the plumbing will hold up to the extra pressure.
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    Another polyester thread....need help

    The skill to develop with poly is not so much cleaning, it's giving the customer a heads up on what to expect and leaving with the customer thinking you are the best cc on the planet
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    What do you think of this carpet cleaning pricing strategy? ?

    I give my quotes over the phone. Makes it convenient for the customer. Usually not an exact but "between x and y dollars". And l l usually don't charge the high amount. If they need a precise amount I'll go look at it, but most of the time they are comfortable with the range. You do get a bum...
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    GOOGLE Called me, Scam?

    When in doubt google the number and you'll get reports on if it a scam or not.
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    Bane Clene

    I've had two bane systems and very satisfied with them. Very reliable. People tend to look down on the 1.5 horse drive but it's really about rpm (1750) and not torque.
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    What's up with these vac hoses?

    I have two sets of vac hoses. One l bought new a few years back and one that came with a used system l bought. The first set is much stiffer than the latter. It constantly pops off the wand, uncoils on the reel, generally tugs and fights me as l use it. The older one is much more pliable and is...
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    Hey Jan l gotta leak in my heater core in my minimount tank. I assume the bottom needs to be cut...

    Hey Jan l gotta leak in my heater core in my minimount tank. I assume the bottom needs to be cut to access but am not sure if the core is welded to the bottom or not.
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    The best ways to advertise?

    My 2 cents. You should not always evaluate your advertising investments on the immediate returns. What you want to achieve is WHEN a customer needs a cleaner they think of you. Remember that advertising is everywhere! And some people are sick of it all the time and all people are sick of it...
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    70 gallon solution tank problems

    I have coolant leaking in my tank meaning a leak in in the heater core. I know it's gotta be cut open and the leak welded. But lm afraid if the core leaks once it may leak again. A new core from bane is $429. It's a stainless tube about 8 feet long. Probably much cheaper to have it fabricated or...
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    Carpet Fresh in wool rug

    I'm sure that it's carpet fresh. The rug is about 2 years old and the backing looks to be in good shape. Cleaned it already and fortunately it did not wick up. The spawn of satan indeed. Had it in my brother in laws law office a couple years back. In a 8 by 30 hallway l experimented with...