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  • HI Matt.
    quick question, what chem are you using for your encap? im planning to buy an Oreck orbiter ORB550MC and would like to use it for encap as well. Thanks
    Matt do have pic of tool you made apply wax etc.Would be greatly appreciative to see looking try to make one Thanks Bob
    Sorry Jerry I tried to post all that last night and it is limited to 1000 characters so it never posted but I didn't notice that. I will check my tank today, just heading to my shop now.
    However, is it not accepting any fuel or is it just bubbling back all the time and slow to fill? To be honest you should still be able to fill it if the event is plugged, it will just overflow a lot. Another possibility is someone has tampered with it and put some sort of obstruction down your filler pipe, I have heard of kids filling them with small rocks and stuff before. Hope this helps!
    Jerry, That is odd, Dodge had a lot of issues with this '03-'05 related to a electronic venting system that was defective. However I'm pretty sure the '94 Ford's had a strandard vent line on the tank, it should be a soft rubber hose coming out of a plastic fitting in the top of the tank if I remember right. I actually have a tank in my shop out of one of those Ford van's and if I remember to I will take a look tomorrow and let you know exactly how it works. It is possible the vent line is kinked or plugged, try to trace the line and see if it is kinked anywhere or pinched, if not you should remove it and use a air gun to blow it out in case it is plugged.
    can't put gas in my 1994 Ford Van. It's vapor locking. I've had it fixed a couple of times already but it keeps happening. Does anybody have an idea of why this keeps happening or how to fix it permanently? Thanks.
    Matt, like i said i'm new to this so i'm not really sure if i'm doing all this stuff right or not. Anyway, posted 10 pics of my 9 gal extractor. No huge rush man. Think it over for a while. Peace, Mark
    I have the same issue but I have designed and built a wand that eliminates that problem without the use of a glide and also increases water recovery. It is just a prototype as of current but I hoping to one day be able to offer it to the public.
    So your saying glides do take suction away?

    I have a Everest 650 HP and with out the glide it's so hard to push my prochem 6-jet Ti wand... Any suggestions?
    Hello Matt, I tried your advice of letting the car run a little before putting it in drive. It has been great advice. I'm on a down hill so I put the car in neutral. By the time I get to the end of the road I put it in drive and it engages easy. The car is more enjoyable now, I used to think I needed a repair. Thanks again.
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