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    Rust Remover - Iron Remover

    I use a product that is from ServiceMaster called Rust Remover. It is a jell. Smells like a beauty shop when someone is getting a perm. Not the best odor. When put on rust it turns purple in color. Works pretty good. Just takes a bit to rinse out
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    What can cause mysterious yellow stains on new carpet?

    Whenever you do your walk the with customer always point out spots and stains and ask what that might be. Than say you will try your best. DONT take ownership. And I can relate as others here how some customers try to blame.
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    Cleaning block retaining wall

    Thanks for your quick reply. Not painted block. I cleaned this last year but pressure washed. What is growing is mildew and licken. I just wondered about a solution I could apply and it would kill organic mater than if needed pressure wash
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    Cleaning block retaining wall

    Mold and mildew retaining wall block. Suggestions on what chemical to use and procedures
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    CRB dog hair dig

    The first time I used my crb I was amazed on how much deprie it dig out of the carpet. Take it from me and others this is a tool that can give you the confidence that you did your best
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    CRB Brush’s

    I did a job yesterday and when I took my brushes off to clean them one brush was had a lot of long hair wrapped around it. Just wondering what others have done to clean brushes off
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    Bit the bullit

    Finally purchased a crb machine. It is worth it Works wonders on tile and grout and of course carpet. What have others found of value having a crb
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    Prochem UltraPac Extreme, reviews?

    I used extreme yesterday on a carpet at a dental clinic and it worked great plus leaves a nice not overwhelming odor. I give it a thumbs up
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    Stripping LOTS of layers

    Any suggestions on how to strip lots of layers of wax off VCT. I just finished a job of 3000 square feet. Total of 44hrs Just wondering what others have done to remove wax
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    How much schooling did you have?

    Barely Graduated high school thanks to sports. 2 years tech school. 30 years at Pepsi Cola. Wife an I had 8 children on one income. Put ad in paper to rake lawns which turned into cleaning a customers 8 pled apartment and eventually started cleaning a medical clinic. Always made it fun for my...
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    Entry Rug Vacuuming

    I did purchase a shop vac and thanks for the answer
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    Salt residue on tile floors in commercial account

    What do you use in mop water to remove salt residue from ceramic floors in commercial account
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    Entry Rug Vacuuming

    So what kind of vacuum do you use to vacuum entry area rugs that might be wet from snow.