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    Cleaning block retaining wall

    Thanks for your quick reply. Not painted block. I cleaned this last year but pressure washed. What is growing is mildew and licken. I just wondered about a solution I could apply and it would kill organic mater than if needed pressure wash
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    Cleaning block retaining wall

    Mold and mildew retaining wall block. Suggestions on what chemical to use and procedures
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    CRB dog hair dig

    The first time I used my crb I was amazed on how much deprie it dig out of the carpet. Take it from me and others this is a tool that can give you the confidence that you did your best
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    CRB Brush’s

    I did a job yesterday and when I took my brushes off to clean them one brush was had a lot of long hair wrapped around it. Just wondering what others have done to clean brushes off
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    Bit the bullit

    Finally purchased a crb machine. It is worth it Works wonders on tile and grout and of course carpet. What have others found of value having a crb
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    Prochem UltraPac Extreme, reviews?

    I used extreme yesterday on a carpet at a dental clinic and it worked great plus leaves a nice not overwhelming odor. I give it a thumbs up
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    Stripping LOTS of layers

    Any suggestions on how to strip lots of layers of wax off VCT. I just finished a job of 3000 square feet. Total of 44hrs Just wondering what others have done to remove wax
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    How much schooling did you have?

    Barely Graduated high school thanks to sports. 2 years tech school. 30 years at Pepsi Cola. Wife an I had 8 children on one income. Put ad in paper to rake lawns which turned into cleaning a customers 8 pled apartment and eventually started cleaning a medical clinic. Always made it fun for my...
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    Entry Rug Vacuuming

    I did purchase a shop vac and thanks for the answer
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    Salt residue on tile floors in commercial account

    What do you use in mop water to remove salt residue from ceramic floors in commercial account
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    Entry Rug Vacuuming

    So what kind of vacuum do you use to vacuum entry area rugs that might be wet from snow.
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    What’s the best /safest way to clean LVP glue down Flooring

    Scrub with preclude orbiter or something similar size because you can control it better around exam tables tubes ect
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    What’s the best /safest way to clean LVP glue down Flooring

    I clean this type of floor in a dental office. I applied a neutral cleaner and scrubbed it. Than using my tile cleaning wand extracted. Go in a detail clean with a flat mop. Worked great. I noticed that there were some wear areas that looked different after cleaning. Just explain to customer