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    Protector Application techniques

    I used a pump up for years. More of an exact application. Now I use worx for ease of application. Not big on the hydro force for protectors. Overspray and mixing is a problem there.
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    HydraMaster Titan 875 -PRICE REDUCED

    What area are you in? Machine looks ran hard and put away wet? Any problems?
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    Adding chemical injection to a truckmount

    Venturi would be the easiest setup. Problem is manufacturers have flows at GPh and venturi is flow based. What truckmount do you have?
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    Infared for urine

    This is a good question. Theory is that the urine salts contain moisture(at least enough to ping on a moisture meter 15-30)... moisture determines temperature within materials. Yes I've tried. No it doesn't work.
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    Floor Sanding & Floor Refinishing - Solvent Sealer

    If your sold on water based then go ahead and do that. I have a straight forward theory and it's this: The customer doesn't get to tell me how to do my job, what tools, chems to use. There decision starts and stops at whether to choose me or somebody else. I've done the job thousands of times...
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    Does smoking weed help or hurt a business?

    Mj has a distinctive smell. Even if the customer is cool with it and smokes they don't want you showing up to there home looking or smelling like you've been smoking.
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    Floor Sanding & Floor Refinishing - Solvent Sealer

    A solvant based finish is going to give you longevity. Why would you want to get away from that? Yes harder to apply, yes more expensive, but the lifespan is 2-3 times more.
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    2013 Chevy Express w/ CDS 4.8

    Still available?
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    If averaging 2 jobs week is busy I wonder what slow looks like for you... your starting off. You need to hit the pavement hard and build a good base to launch off of. If you've been in bussiness 10 weeks you've done about 20 jobs. You may not want to here this but your not a carpet cleaner...
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    Please help meeeee! Restaurant deep clean advice

    Honest opinion here. You got in over your head. I don't think that anyone here is going to be able to tell you what you should have estimated without walking the job. It sounds like you walked the job and didn't know what to estimate... Your best bet here is to charge a hourly rate, whatever...
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    Best carpet edging tool

    I use the same wand. Honestly about half the time I switch over to my stair tool.
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    Is this the new way to leave carpet?

    Mabey a cx15 or drag wand was used...
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    Is this white cotton floss asbestos?

    Based on the information given and the pictures provided its about as likely to be a dragon as it is to be asbestos. Your fear exceeds the risk in this instance.
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    Bad adjuster

    On this job is your contract with the company or the homeowner? What state? If it's with the homeowner 1. tell them they need pay for work rendered. 2. Place a contractor's lien against there home. 3. The insurance company has no contract with you. You are not there customer. It's nice...