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    Help choosing a vacuum cleaner.

    How long is the power cord? It slows me down to have to find a plug every 20-25 feet.
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    Best rug tags

    Will these stickers stay on through the wash process? That way I could have customers name, rug info such as whether or not it's color fast etc...?
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    Chem dry residue

    I've been with chem dry for close to 30 years. Our cleaners don't leave that stuff behind. Looks to me something like host like Tanya said. You may not ever get all that out even with vacuuming like crazy.
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    New Rug Shop Ideas Please

    I'd like to know too, I'm looking in somewhat near future to have one too. I've thought about checking out various rug shops to see each ones setup. When I build it I want it to be right the first time & not wish I'd done it different.
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    My newest rug toy!

    Marinator? Or wash pond
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    Rent vs buying commercial property

    Congratulations, I've been looking for commercial property for a while. Hasn't been "right" yet. Believe my time will come too.
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    Rug pad source

    MSM Industries 802 Swan Drive Smyrna, TN 37167 Ph# 800-648-6648 I've bought pad numerous times, good folks. They can send you a sample book.
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    Rug Plant - how hard is it?

    Forgot to mention I'm in a smaller market. 60000-70000 population
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    Rug Plant - how hard is it?

    I'm easing into it myself & have been accumulating equipment as I go as the need arises. As it is justified I put more into it but it has to pay for itself pretty quickly. If you've got unlimited funds go for it but I don't. First thing I would do is take classes get some education if you...
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    What To Do with This Satin?

    Ditto what Scott says. It's hard to take care of these rugs properly in the home.
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    What To Do with This Satin?

    Is it hand knotted wool? Can't tell from picture.
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    Anyone want to guess what this is?

    I'm not sure but I need one[emoji15]
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    Area Rug Presentation

    I like that, I usually just go get them in my pickup but that would be handy for unexpected add-ons.
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    Area Rug Presentation

    If they are being put back in place I tie with twine. If it is not immediately Beijing put back I wrap in paper.