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    Differenced between Robs deluxe wand and a devastator wand???

    I’m sure ya can bend either way abit if you’re Short a few inches.. it might even work with a wand aswell!
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    Series/Parallel Test

    Fwiw I don’t have a way to measure cfm yet but with my 3x 8.4 setup I’m getting 13.75hg with them so bigger isn’t obviously better it seems
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    UV light before and after??

    I kinda might have got a cat put down due to the uv light a good while back when I had no idea the urine will still glow after cleaning .. went in, found and treated a few areas and a couple of weeks later went back as the client said they could smell urine again.. shined the light and sure...
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    Is this cleanable?

    I’d pass, looks like non existent or very piss poor extraction so there’s too many associated risks.. probably been left wet for a decent amount of time to get that bad
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    Luxury Retirement Village Problem

    Vlm definitely but an lx airhog could be good if you have the portable route what about attaching a length of hose to the exhaust and stick that out a window to drop some of the noise ?
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    Self employed vs being employed

    Everyone’s definition of success is going to be different but you’ve always got to be careful trying to push too far.. case and point.
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    Chewing gum on concrete

    Specialist cleaning supplies in Palmerston Nth have aerosol cans to freeze it..could work?
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    CONTEST I bet you can’t identify this.....

    It’s a millennial dog that’s borderline vegan and identifies as a cat thinking about the next thing to be “offended” by
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    I'm raising my minimum to get rid of low end clients

    Sorry to hear that, that would have to be a rough trot indeed! So you’re still heavy on print advertising? I’m starting to up my game there now. I’ve done a lot with letter but starting to trial postcards repeating to the same 7500 homes monthly. Letters in envelopes have always done well but...
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    I'm raising my minimum to get rid of low end clients

    Hi spaz, I’ve read a lot of your previous posts . Just curious how you’ve gotten on over the past few years with hitting your goals etc
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    CRB for rugs

    That doesn’t sound like too much fun! it’s hit me 3 or 4 times properly in the past few years but it’s always generally lingering..It is a spasm right at the base of my spine,I always just relied on strength over technique when lifting and never gave it a second thought although I wish I’d...
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    CRB for rugs

    Haha, funny you say that! I actually threw my back out a few years back picking up a 20" CRB in my workshop..hit the floor immediately and had to use a broom handle to lift myself off the floor then hobble backward with the help of the broom into the office managers car to get to the...
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    Mytee air hog vac booster 7303

    Absolutely! But these ones have to be pretty bloody special to be able to open doors on their own too it seems.
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    Any old school guys on here from Performance Truckmounts doing water injection?

    How overdriven is your blower to get that many hg ? does it also increase the cfm by much from running at the manufacturers specs?
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    Lady skipped w’out paying full bill during job

    I don’t mind .. the pope and all his pedo friends will burn in hell. They are not saved. Matthew 7:21-23 King James Version (KJV) 21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 Many will...