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    Who is the best in central northern new jersey?

    I am looking for the best carpet cleaner in somerset/ hunterdon county new jersey. This is for my personal home. I used to be an active member here when we did carpet cleaning but since we went in to the restoration buisness full time I have not been on so much. I still own a truck mount we use...

    Which Meters and why?

    Oops I already posted in this

    Angie's List

    Idk the roi or if they could accurately give me an answer. We are in central nj.

    Angie's List

    Just to give you guys an idea of the stats. We were going to go online for water damage, and basement waterproofing. And a 1/3 size add in there print magazine. The 2 categories online get an average of 188 impressions per month

    Angie's List

    Who has or is advertising with angies's list? Are you happy with the return on investment? How much are you spending? They are offering me packages between $400-$1500 per month.

    Who gets the job?

    It has happened to us. Normally we are friendly with most local company's and give our quotes and have friendly conversation with the other company's. sometimes we get the job and other times we don't. No different then someone taking a millon estimates for mold.

    Restoration picture thread

    here is a cat 3 nothing interesting to talk about but filled a 30 yard dumpster full of crap.

    Restoration picture thread

    This was a fun job. Pipe burst in the attic 4 floors were flooded. Saved all wood floors. We had to be very neat since the property was a public garden and banquette hall.

    Anyone like to figure an estimate in exactimate for me?

    There is companies that will make you an estimate for around $50-$75 did you sketch the property?

    Working Black Friday?

    I am working and don't see a day off in the near future. Friday consists of spraying about 20 gallons of fosters between 2 different jobs, breaking down the aquadry and 20kw generator, re fuel 3 100lb propane tanks, re fuel generator, move it all to a new job set up and start drying. I would bet...

    Code Blue

    The local more floods franchise seems to do very well. I do not know a lot about there program since there is no openings in my area. I believe they teach you how to build off of referrals from plumbers and other lead sources. I'm sure there is more to them then that but that is what the local...

    Code Blue

    You will need more then a couple of jobs to join either of those organizations. They want to look at your books and believe you need to show that you made over 500k for each of the last 2 years, have x amount of sf warehouse- office space with signage and lighting outside. Not trying to be a bad...

    Code Blue

    Go with a company like restoration SOS if you want a lead here and there. If you are new to the business you probably will not have enough equipment or the specialty equipment code blue requires.

    Code Blue

    I know this will not sound professional but code blue sucks they can go f themselves. I would rather eat food out of the garbage then work for that company. Actuly you will be eating out of the garbage if you work for them at there rates. Ok I feel a little better now

    Any storm chasers coming to nj?

    We are busy we located a generator to run our aquadry and some air movers. so we will start drying our first house tomorrow. So far we have only be pumping and doing demos. Tomorrow we will start removing a house full of sand on stilts. A wave crashed threw it. And they had to plow the street...