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    Let’s here your time distribution-

    Im usually up at around 5:30 or latest 6 am but I dont get to work until 8 am I work till 3 pm but when I have a waiting list I might work till 5 or possibly 7 pm Usually my work schedule is 8-3pm M-F Sat/Sun I try to not operate I either spend time with kids, and wife or work on the house and...
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    If you do a lot of commercial....

    I truly believe the standard zipper and Bonzer are equivalent. Only difference is light construction VS heavy construction. Cleaning wise I dont see a difference. But The Zipper Spinner NOW that tool is definitely better than its original version or the Bonzer. Its tough to say which to get. If...
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    If you do a lot of commercial....

    I have the bonzer and it works wonderfully!! But I am tempted on getting the Zipper spinner. Sorry But the Zipper spinner I think is a level above the Bonzer or standard Zipper, The Zipper spinner appears to be the best to use on low cut or short loop pile commercial carpet
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    Stains coming back! So Weird!

    Polypropylene also known as Olefin is Ole/Lipo Phillic (oil loving) and Hydrophobic (afraid/water hating) too much pressure and over wetting will give you these issues. Apply a light oxidizer or a Oxy based encap or lightly mist on unchained and do a quick pass and multiple dry passes...
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    What’s it worth?

    $5,000??!?!?! SERIOUSLY ??!! WHat!!?? No WAY, MAN! not even close!! the van and equipment is worth so, so much more!! Id at least consider $30k!! I know people are going to throw rocks at me for this but I dont care. Think about it, the whole set up is ready to go, literally! the...
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    Dirty and thin wool runner- how would you clean it?

    technically you should Not use a oxidizer on wool, peroxide such from Hydrogen peroxide is very harmful, I am not sure if you have ever seen teenage girls use it on their hair but I have seen it, It bleaches the hair and makes it dry, fray and dingy, kills the natural shine . DO NOT Use it on...
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    New Van and machine.

    sapphire is a wonderful machine and super compact, most compact (imo) but even with that a sheet of 4x8 piece of sheet rock will NOT fit, it'll hit tank or other piece of the machine. get a water softener, (cause it sounds like you're doing good financially) I have a mini softener and it too is...
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    Dirty and thin wool runner- how would you clean it?

    The most important part in cleaning this is Check the backing , is it Jute? if so use the least amount of water or encap (preferred). if synthetic then your idea is not bad. just dont be too aggressive with bonnet I have cleaned these types of wool runners without any issues use a wool...
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    Thermal Relief Please

    The best orings for the chemical manifold and screen cap are the Orings inside the female quick connects. They can be purchased from a good supplier.
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    Client says we lost her rug pad and wants get paid

    unfortunately if you did not document it correctly, just communicate with her that it did not arrive with a padding but as a one time courtesy you will replace it, express sympathy. Personally If I have done everything right, then NO I would not replace it or pay of rit. I also would NOT...
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    Client says we lost her rug pad and wants get paid

    Rob, I am so sorry this happened. I recommend this cause I do this Never is a client to "drop off" ANY ITEM!! PERIOD! (no punt intended) A client is to always wait during a write up Take inventory of how many items are being received and Tag each item with clients name and 1 of 2,3,4,5 and...
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    Connecting solution line to wand problems

    the male fitting on your wand is correct, but you will need a female connector to connect into the male. the female connector should also have a ball valve installed. itll go like in this order Hose, ball shut off valve, female connector then youll be able to connect to your wand wrap some...
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    Low pressure hydramaster 4.8

    When you ran the machine was the tank empty? if it was was there water in the tank? Check the specs on electric thermal valve, make sure voltage is correct and installed correctly. Be sure that you do NOT have a normally open valve or a normally closed electric switch on the valve. take...
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    Thermal Relief Please

    That system was designed to never over heat which explains the dumpless to waste tank design. Before you drill into the waste tank and possible weaken it, Id talk to Saphire. I could be wrong but I think the fresh water from garden bib/spigot goes into the thermal well first, it gets pre...
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    Looking for SX-15 tile cleaning picture

    If you own a SX-15 then the best thing to do is take one on your own, if not then why advertise something that you do not do or own?