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    Look at this photograph...

    No upholstery? Just carpet? You sure they just left check and you cant get hold of them? wow thats weird, Honestly I wouldnt do the job . My policy is someone has to be present no blank checks.
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    these chairs and 275' CGD in Dentist waiting room

    I usually start at $28 per chair but can go as much as $45 but by the photo Id charge $28 each Protector depends I have one which is not extreme that is at $15 per chair I have a more bullet proof protector but thats at $60 per chair Carpet is different I usually start at $0.55 but can go as...
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    Been Burned by Boss Optima ?

    Why did you go for the bait? And why should any of us give you confidential info. Just reach out to them but do it on your own. We have enough to worry about info being taken and who knows how it would be used
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    Why Tools Matter...

    Yes, and No Depending on the type of pile, fiber You cant or shouldnt always use a rotary on all type of piles. The 360 /trex or other type rotary wand cant get into corners
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    Fab set

    I use 1 quart to 5 gallons meter at 2gph or less
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    Silicone putty on couch

    if its silicone and cured/dried all you can try to do is peel carefully and thats it. solvents dont work very well on this By the looks of the picture it seems someone has already caused damage with attempts to removing it
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    Why Tools Matter...

    1st Bonzer 2nd Zipper 3rd CX15 Bonzer wins do to its cost and the ability to do the exact same work as a zipper CX15 last, and although not as expensive as the zipper, its difficult in cleaning corners and edges
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    Tony Dang had a stroke over the weekend

    I dont know who tony is but all my respects and blessings sent
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    Browning on wool wall to wall

    Looks like it was over wet. Drying took too long
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    What statement did a client make to you that made you want to climb the wall?

    when I arrived at a job and the client was going out for coffee he said the place was empty and I asked if it was ok to get hot water from tub, he said sure go ahead place is empty. I went in to the bathroom to find his naked girlfriend taking and shower, with no shower curtain and to top it...
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    Truckmount 12v APO

    Darn It! I am suppose to post My home made pump out ( not from scratch) I Spent less than $300.00 I am going on 2 Years with the setup. Looks very clean and it does not clog or burn out. So far so good only thing I do is rinse my tank only and not the pump, and this thing runs on 12v and does...
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    Why Tools Matter...

    Said it before and ill say it again, Tools do matter Yeah you can use a wand but the point to advanced tools is to make it easier and faster to get through a job but most important is Results are really what drive folks to spend and buy tools. That spinning action acted almost like a 360 or a...
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    Customers dog got Skunked, then rubbed it on carpet!!!!!!!

    I deal with skunk quite often, Thank the Lord Ive done well This is what I have used and has worked 1. Odorcide 210 & Odorcide Skunk & Bridgepoint Hydrocide 2. Green DS, mixed with klenz enzyme Vacuum Apply product by its self Agigate Mix product with your pre spray and apply
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    "Can you move all of my furniture"

    Dang Guy, Take it Easy!! lol. Yes it might be an inconvenience and even to hear them ask , But you can aways suggest what I say" Yes I can move the furniture but unfortunately I have a Minimum service fee of $250 for moving items or $175.00 hourly rate, for that rate it be best to hire a mover...
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    Interlink snap hose cuffs dripping / leaking dirty water

    Nope, Mine never did either, I replaced them because like wears out for me it was cosmetics. The swivels only would leak during waste disposal. Solids with latch never Ever leaked on me. Awesome product. I just wish theyd be more easily available. Would be nice if TMF sold...