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    Closing doors 9/30..would there be any quick interest in remaining items for sale?—2-roots 45 blowers 1w/silencer. 3M sutorbilt blower, BANECLENE #2 blower, rotovac powerwand used once,. I’m in Lexington va. They would have to be picked up. I’m flexible in pricing. Ronnie at (540) 464-5000.
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    Robs Encap

    Good question. Seems like it’s a two step process-applied product by the carpet cleaner and the owner removing Dried residue and released soils upon drying. So if cleaning is process of ‘removing soil’, who really is the cleaner?
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    What do you use to secure rugs from falling on a rug drying rack?

    I use 3 1/2” (they maybe 4”) heavy weight Safety pins.
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    Equipment for sale

    Good morning from Va. $5000.00 sounds reasonable for the equipment. Where are you located and will you ship? Ronnie
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    Naming your business...

    How about [emoji569]️-[emoji570] SALTWATER CARPET CLEANING [emoji568]HIGH SEA’S CARPET CLEANER[emoji305]
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    Time to winterize the TM

    What about disconnecting hose from pump , using a $17.00 12v tire pump from Walmart, and blowing all water out of unit ( insert male QC’s) into all exit’s on face panel and hose reels , would this work?
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    Game Changer

    Hey Jim, I’m 50 miles north of Roanoke. Interested in building a box unit to incorporate your idea with dust deputy ,but my thick head can’t invision how the dirty water ect. Returning to my waste tank,(150 gal.) enters this dust deputy.
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    Top 50 prespray comparison test

    Thanks for mentioning PROCYON, for my last 24 yrs it has been my primary prespray , for carpet and rugs. Just finished university dining room after years worth of spills----CRUD. With rx20 ,results were absolutely beautiful and after 49 yrs and 3 months of cleaning --have to say I was very...