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    Carpet Cleaning Rumors

    They used special products where you just spray and go. No extraction or bonnets needed.
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    Regarding Rob and his Chemicals

    I have only tried the Black Label, since Red/Blue label were always labeled "sold out" so they must not have made a lot of it. I am guessing it is probably just the scent since the red is like a cherry flavored, and the blue is like some dream scent (although we all have different dreams lol).
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    Favorite Encap Pads for an OP machine?

    I tried the Ironmans before, and I have an issue where I use them once and they are black and look dirty even after washing them with an extra rinse. I contacted the owner and he told me that OP machines are abusive to their pads and do not work well basically. So not sure what I am doing...
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    Favorite Encap Pads for an OP machine?

    I bought some Super zorbs from TMF before, but for some reason I can never get them to look clean. They look black after I use them. Interlink was nice enough to send me some of their prewash which I still got to use to see if it helps with the washing of the pads. I know they wont ever look...
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    Favorite Encap Pads for an OP machine?

    About how much sqft can you get on a Neptune pad on average soil? Never used Neptune pads and I found them online, but they do not say the sqft range of them.
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    Favorite Encap Pads for an OP machine?

    Hey everyone, just wondering what is everyone's favorite Encap fiber pads when using an OP machine? I have only used one kind so far, so looking to see what else people suggest to give it a try. Thanks!
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    What in the actual fu#k [emoji28]

    Not sure if anyone is signed up with Home Advisor, but you tell them you are not interested then a week later the have someone else call you.
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    How Far Are You Willing To Travel?

    Ever considered to move closer to Vegas?
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    Regarding Rob and his Chemicals

    Have you tried the Red or Blue label? Also, you dont use any bio10k?
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    How to become an Successful Entrepreneur?

    I have thought about that, because having employees can be quite a nightmare. Thought of maybe doing less Janitorial and only doing large offices/commercial accounts, more floor services since they have higher ROI for me. The less employees the less stress I have. Do you do any janitorial...
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    How to become an Successful Entrepreneur?

    I have a few janitorial accounts, so I have double digit employees, and I got a call from a customer on Monday "Excuse me why is the floor not clean, trash not taken out, and where is your employee???" Sure enough did not show up, not answering calls, then later that evening is like "Can I go...
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    How to become an Successful Entrepreneur?

    We need one that says "I love being my own boss" on the upside then "Ugh. I hate having employees they do not show up to work!" on the downside
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    Multi-Sprayer Substitute

    Does anyone have the link to the Worx Sprayer? Does it have wheels? I tried to google it and get several different items.
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    I wish there was a better sprayer out there with wheels for larger jobs. I just can't seem to find anything. I use the same one as you allied, and It last maybe 2-3 months max.