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    Carpet Cleaning Photos Needed

    If a gentleman that teaches carpet dyeing offers some pictures. It would be in your best interest to decline. Just saying.
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    if you can stand one more virus thread....

    Camacho was hilarious and also offered sound advice when he wasn't joking around. I remember when he got member of the year. Mama, I think you're maybe one of the only people to recieve member of the year and not vanish.
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    Where is this located?
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    Silver Solder on Boxxer XL heat exchange???

    I've had a radiator shop do mine twice. It's been 2 years since the 1st time. I run mostly at 400 psi but have had it up to 1000 psi for some of my tile jobs with no issues. I run pretty much the same heat exchanger as you in my Boxxer 427.
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    It's a done deal

    Congratulations! I've heard nothing but positive things about Reliabuilt.
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    Dwyer Meter Question

    I often have to put mine to prime and then plug my vacuum port and keep priming till the ball stays at the top for 10 seconds.
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    Down upholstery

    We need more info. Like what is the fabric and ticking made of? What color is it? And what kind of equipment do you have?
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    Quickbooks support

    Well at least somebody think's that.
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    Quickbooks support

    HCP=Class action lawsuit!
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    Devistator vs. Robs wand

    Have you put many hours on the wand yet? Does it feel ergonomically better on your body at the end of the day? I need to purchase some stuff by the end of the year and I'm thinking about new TM, Wand and CRB. I've heard nothing but good about the Devastator. I'm thinking about the 12".
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    Hydramaster 450D bypass heat exchanger wanted

    Does it cross with any other machines? I have a hydracat Crossfire 4.2.
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    Online course

    Google tmf academy. You should be able to get in there.