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    Differenced between Robs deluxe wand and a devastator wand???

    I run a PMF Mach 15 and I'm thinking of going the swivel route also. It's a great wand but I would like a 12" swivel for smaller rooms. I try and support TMF as much as I can but I just can't get myself to buy a Dang wand because of people's issues in the past.
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    Scott Warrington's Retirement

    Enjoy retirement Scott! Thank you so much for everything! You're a huge part of why my business is successful!
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    Titan 575

    Would a bypass at the wand help? Or would it create excess heat and cause it to dump? Just a thought.
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    did a video I posted go bye bye

    We really like Legend Brands products but this video is not good marketing IMO.
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    Looks similar to the Penguin sprayer.
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    Microfiber Towels | Suggestions or Tips

    Do some research into Contec. We have switched over to them and love their stuff.
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    Liquor Store Carpet Cleaning

    I think you should try and tackle that salt with an acid. Just like you would urine.
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    Joe Bristor came to my house! Disturbing pic!

    The Joe valves have worked good for me.
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    Do you know if the finish is poly or acrylic?
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    I have wood floor in a gymnasium to clean. It's a nonprofit group in my community that took over our old school and made it into this wonderful community art center. I went and looked at the floors today and they are in decent shape. They've been cleaned for years with the same enzyme non-slip...
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    Hydro force injection sprayer

    Get the hydroforce. They can leak if not taken care of, but just like any piece of our equipment they require a maintenance routine. Watch Rob's video. Also get the jug with the side fill.
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    Boxer 427 diverter problems

    Great to hear!