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    Thanks for the tips Wandwizard. I'm going to purchase a battery maintainer for my classic 67 Chevelle.
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    350 Chairs with modified upholstery tools

    Very nice set up. I see your using 2 hydramaster hi-dri tools.
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    I'm raising my minimum to get rid of low end clients

    Welcome back Spazznount. Sorry for your losses
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    You know its not a good sign good when...

    I set up my blowers so their blowing in my direction
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    CONTEST I bet you can’t identify this.....

    a carpet designed to look like terrazzo floor
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    Hey Guys! Im newbie.

    Welcome. AZ moved up in senority
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    Prochem Peak GTX 1500 hours

    cracked or warped heads. Check the block. Is it leaking from hx or hoses?
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    Can this be cleaned?

    Should clean up well. Tell us about your equipment. What do you use to CC?
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    Peak gtx overheating

    Your radiator is overfilled. Drain about a 1" of fluid out from the top of rad. and leave 1" space between fluid. It needs expansion in the radiator
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    Butler Help

    Do a search on Mak Saigers videos. He shows how to maintain and repair Butlers. He has 3 Butlers and knows a lot about them.
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    Christmas in June Apex 570

    Congrats. let us know how you like it
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    Lady skipped w’out paying full bill during job

    Once you let a thief steal, they will continue to steal from others. Go after her deposit. If some one orders $300 of chemicals from tmf store and only paid for $160 would you let that slide. Its the principle of business
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    FREE products!

    Mottro is a good poster here and he doen't want to post about it. Let it go Rob will take take of it. Sometime it take a post to get things done. Ask me how I know.
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    Glides for wand and fittings

    Where to start is on this board. Some one here might know where to purchase the mounts or where to fabricate them for you. I run a Maxx has over 6k hrs with no problems. Its 1 hellva good machine and water cooled. When I have time I will check the manual to see what those mounts look like. I'm...