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  • I have a technical question- I have a couple of CFI/TMT machines with the 36 blower. When Power Clean produced the machines under their label as the Freedom XT it came with I think a 45 blower. How hard/expensive do you think it would be to switch the blower to a 45 on my machine? Do you think the increased vac would justify the change out? I would really like more vac power for doing residential carpet.
    hey did you try the mailers yet. just wondering. I was thinking og trying to split the cost with a pest control buddy so we could do front and back setup. Hope all is well thanks again for all the help
    Hey Todd thanks for the info. I'm wanting to try the every door mailer service but not sure how much it will cost to design and print the mailers. I think it could be somewhere around 50c to print and 15c to mail. but that would be an initial investment of around 650$ or maybe half that to start with 500 mailers. But I guess I would only need 2 or 3 jobs to pay for it and make a profit. If you go ahead with it soon let me know what kind of results your'e getting.
    Hey Todd, this is Matt out here in the big world of Toccoa, Ga. I just bought some tile master from Rob, and all he mixes it in is a pump up sprayer. I don't like that idea. I was wondering how I should mix it in my hydrosprayer set at 4:1. Do you have any ideas? Thanks
    Hey Todd how you doing? Hope your staying busy. A while back there was a post about the chemicals that were actually used. I think you said you had it down to about 8 as I recall. Would be interested to know what you are using and for what? I have the following Majic Wand Powdered Power Pre-spray. Citra-pure, Oxy-blaster and shoresbest 2790. All of these products seem to work well for cleaning but not for all spots. I know I need some other products but would like to not experiment with 100 different ones. You been around awhile and I am sure you have tried a lot of chems. If you could help me out sure would appreciate it. oh and my tile chems are fine its the carpet that I am trying to master. Thanks Todd
    Bryan Butler
    A must read for business is "The E Myth Revisited" By Michael E Gerber. I share this to give an advantage to your success.
    Hey Todd, Im new to the biz doing T & G only. Still have a f/t job but wouldnt call my biz p/t cause work at least 30 hours a week with itnand doing ok. I like your post and wondered if I could pick your brain a bit about carpet cause I need to start doing it asap and have limited knowledge. You seem to have good values and ethics and that is how I try to run my biz.
    Bryan Butler
    Todd thanks for info on gloss meter on eBay great tool .also nice share new ideas and tools .thnks Bob Tri state floor service
    Todd, fyi i posted 10 pics of my 24 yr old 9 gal extractor that i wanted to add another motor to. it's been a great fiberlass box. just wanted to send you a quick line since you were kind enough to respond in the first place. any help, much appreciated. no rush. Thank You, Mark
    hey Todd. My name is jeff and i am about to start my own business in the next couple weeks and was wondering what you found to be the best ways to start getting business coming in. I have a plan to canvas neighborhoods when i dont have jobs and a couple networking groups including a real estate investors association and a 500+ member mothers group that my wife is part of. Just trying to see whats working for every one else. Congradulations on your success thus far. Thanks
    Here's a sample site that I'm rearranging, etc. on google sites. It's free. I figured I'd try getting the ball rolling then hand it to whoever that is voted on or however everyone decides , if at all. lol

    The logo and slogan is just a sample that I made up but everyone can change it, vote on it, whatever they want.
    It comes with a bit of sample junk but you can see the stuff that I've worked on in it.

    There is a place for videos, docs, etc. The pdf's could very easily be tests and printouts for members to print their own logo for patches, decals, etc.
    Just a general basic idea to get the ball rolling...tell me what you think.
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