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    Any mechanic here

    Do you see a spot in that wiring harness that it came out of? The yellow wire supplies power to engine components when the key is in the on position.
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    Ugh... I’m on the downhill slope

    Think Rob will give me one on a new truckmount?
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    Help with area rug cleaning

    Since you are using Bridgepoint products I’d recommend FabSet, although any brand acid rinse will work.
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    Help with area rug cleaning

    The rug is synthetic but the fringe is cotton. Flex has too high of a ph for cotton. You should be able to correct this. If possible ask the customer if they will let you take the rug to your shop (house, but use “shop” when talking to customers). This may take several attempts to completely...
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    Ugh... I’m on the downhill slope

    I just had to renew my drivers license this week. One nice change is they are now giving you 8 years until the license expires instead of 4 years. I just realized that next time I have to renew my license I will be a senior citizen:oops:
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    Mytee T Rex parts

    Talk to Damon at the Encap store. He’s a Mytee distributor and may be able to help you. (702) 218-3601
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    Spitfire 4.0 pulley size

    Yup, you need to know what RPM’s the pump can handle, how fast the engine is running, and the size of the drive pulley on the engine. Typically a small engine runs around 3300-3600 RPM’s. Most pumps will max out at either 1750 RPM’s or 3400RPM’s depending on the pump model. If you can tell me...
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    Residential building

    If it’s just general soiling from foot traffic then VLM works great. You need more than just a CRB for VLM though. A Cimex or OP machine are best for VLM. A 175 and bonnets can also be used. When you are dealing with urine HWE is always the better option. I’d look in to getting a good portable...
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    Here goes

    Welcome. This is a great business to be in if you do it right.
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    Mask Update

    It’s been proven that masks lower your oxygen level. Lower oxygen levels mean brain cells are dying. COVID and the mask make people stupider by the day.
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    Check out my new Hydroxyl Generator!

    @rob allen i used a Hydroxyl machine just like you have for the first time last month. It was in a house with cigarette odor. Everything had been painted and I cleaned the carpet 2 times a couple weeks apart. I ran the hydroxyl machine for a week, the odor improved but was still noticeable. I...
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    Yup, and scotch tape for gaskets.