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    Todd the cleaner

    Thank you all for your good wishes. Everything will be ok, I’m just having to spend a lot of time dealing with my kids and business. My son especially has been having a hard time in school but we are working things out. I’ll be back once things have calmed down some. Thank you again.
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    Full water. I actually put 4 quarts in the 5 quart jug which makes it easier to shake up the jug...

    Full water. I actually put 4 quarts in the 5 quart jug which makes it easier to shake up the jug and mix the powder I use. I just about always use 4 scoops of chemical in my sprayer, sometimes just 3 scoops of the carpet is really clean before cleaning.
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    Todd the cleaner

    Hi guys, I just heard about this thread. I thank everyone for your concern. I apologize for not being around. I have been dealing with some personal issues. I’ve not been feeling real good this last month and have been in a lot of pain due to a problem I have with my leg. I’ve also been dealing...
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    Urgent question about insurance for van and truckmount?

    Get commercial insurance. When I switched from a personal policy to a commercial policy the rates were pretty much the same.
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    anybody have a like new 15 inch Zipper for sale?

    I know a guy that does. I’ll get you guys together.
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    Taffic Lane Cleaner PH 13 - is that PH safe for sofa cleaning?

    Use it and you will ruin the sofa. Stay under 10 pH. Wool is better off under 9 pH. Get some of Robs Rug Smack for wool.
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    I wonder what went wrong with this one?

    Yes. We were both experienced carpet cleaners. He moved up to Utah and we didn’t have access to a truckmount (this was before I started my own business). We spent about 5 hours doing what we could have done in 1 hour using a truckmount and we did get good results. It was a white Berber carpet...
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    Scott Warrington's Retirement

    You will be missed Scott, stop by when ever you can. Have a happy retirement! I have had the opportunity to meet Tom Forsythe and tour his lab and manufacturing plant up at Bridgepoint headquarters. Tom is a wealth of knowledge both with how the chemicals work and what to use in any situation...
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    Invoicing question

    Sounds like you are billing for 20 days work at a time. Usually the standard is a net 30 but you can do what ever you want.
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    What statement did a client make to you that made you want to climb the wall?

    And then there’s the customer that comes to you while you are rolling up your hoses and says “while you are here will you clean this rug?” They couldn’t have asked 10 minutes earlier when you were still in the house with the truckmount running. I get 2 or 3 of those per year.
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    What statement did a client make to you that made you want to climb the wall?

    I walk into my last job today which was a tile & grout job and the guy pulls out his bottle of Quick Shine and asks us to re-apply it when we are done:rolleyes:. He had probably a dozen coats of the stuff on the tile. The job should have taken 3 hours and we spent 7. And no, I did not...
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    Carpet Cleaning Rumors

    Lol, right. This was just last week.....first I saw this Facebook post in the morning, then at 8:00 that night I get these texts.
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    Customers dog got Skunked, then rubbed it on carpet!!!!!!!

    I’ve never dealt with skunk either but I’ve heard Odorcide will remove the smell. I’d mix up a gallon of it and dump it on the carpet and let dwell for 30 minutes then water claw.