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    Friggin Employees... the rant thread

    By reading your posts, do I understand that you're looking for someone to take over your responsibilities on the truck? Considering all that you do "on the truck", would you work for $12/hour? I'm not trying to be confrontational or a jerk, I just want you to think about it for a moment. Here is...
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    Friggin Employees... the rant thread

    Richard - Let's start with these 4 questions: What is the title of the position you are trying to fill? If you don't have an official title, create one. Is this a part-time or full-time position? List all the responsibilities of the position? Who is currently doing all of the tasks required of...
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    Do all scientists speak the truth?

    Whenever I start to hear (or read) about science vs. religion, as if they are mutually exclusive, I am reminded of this short list of respected scientists. Since their obvious intelligence is far superior to mine, I'll defer to them on this question...
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    Why is FRIEZE carpet so much harder to clean than others?

    Rob Allen and others have experienced success cleaning polyester using TileMaster. But, don't forget to neutralize with acid rinse.
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    Do all scientists speak the truth?

    Phil - Do you feel that "religion" has had a positive or detrimental effect on humanity? Without faith, would humanity be as civilized as we are now or would we simply be the top of the food chain? I would like for you to take all religion out of the history of mankind and to postulate what...
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    Can I negotiate with Interlink financing?

    Keep in mind that there are several factors that go into underwriting, the biggest being the relationship with the financial institution. If you have been a long-term customer and have other accounts (savings, checking, auto loans), that helps. They also like to see direct deposit of pay...
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    Can you cut a line like this with VLM ?

    They say a word to the wise is sufficient. The word is SIMPLE. Riddle me this OP nay-sayers: If the chemicals (HWE or encap) are providing the emulsification, then what is the difference between using the agitation provided by a wand/rotary machine and the agitation provided by the OP...
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    Do all scientists speak the truth?

    A few points to ponder. If it were proven that God exists, what difference would it make in the way you live your life? In other words, if God exists, and the Bible is inerrant, than sin has consequences. What would you do about your sins? God wants to have a relationship with you. He...
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    Seems a good method and cheap way to remove stains?

    Windex?? Reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
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    So I guess I don't know jack about marketing

    I just cannot understand why anyone would quote a price over the phone. How do you know what you are getting into? If you get to the home and you have to change your price because its worse than described, then you are accused of "bait and switch" tactics. The only price to discuss on the...
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    One other thing - the Fully Insured logo seems to be off the page at bottom right.
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    I like it a lot. One of the best I've seen. Very professional. Not cluttered. Easy to read and navigate. I like the equipment page, and I agree that a video would be cool as well.
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    What is going on here???

    This is the problem with in-line sprayers if you're doing T&G work. I usually run the TM between 1200 & 1500 psi. But, you have to go and turn down the psi to around 300 for the in-line sprayer to dispense the proper solution ratio. Also, much higher psi will blow the hose off where it...
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    What is going on here???

    Out of curiosity, what sprayer are you using? The reason I'm asking is I had a job just like this once. I couldn't get it clean. After 3 hours in one restroom, I discovered my HydroForce in-line sprayer was not working properly. Just enough solution that I could smell it, but not nearly...
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    TRS show on Tuesday

    You all are missing my point. My point here is that unless it was handled in the manner I've prescribed, there is no way to know who is to blame. Otherwise, we have this very situation. Since it was not handled this way, how can any of us know the truth? Simply put, we can't, hence the...