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    Need some extra cash......Wanted....Roots 59 or 56 blowers......Cash in hand.

    Just took pictures, send a phone number and I'll text them to you. What kind of engine will you be using? I also have an Wisconsin 65hp air cooled engine you might be interested in. My cell is 251 391 5569.
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    Need some extra cash......Wanted....Roots 59 or 56 blowers......Cash in hand.

    I have 2 roots 56s, one from White Magic 1200 and from a Stanley Steemer truckmount. Located in LA (lower Alabama)..
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    Home made hose vacuum hose reel

    Ok, I'll take a few photos of each soon, don't know how to post pictures here. Call or text me at 251 391 5569 and I'll text them to you.
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    Home made hose vacuum hose reel

    Where are you located? I have 3 vac hose reels if you want one, free for the taking if you pay shopping. But your home built real looks nice, good job..
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    Where to find a waste tank?

    I have 2 Prochem legends, 1 steamway mastermatic , 1 steamway powermatic and 1 Hydramaster 4.7 cds waste tanks. Also have hose reels (both vacuum and solution)' various exhaust heat exchangers and pumps. I'm Located in Daphne Alabama, about 30 minutes west of Pensacola. Might be worth a drive...
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    Making a new truckmount out of junk

    Where's the picture of junk you see? I see 1 picture of a blower with the gear end cover removed, I've heard that blowers last many years with minimal performance loss, I have been cleaning with truckmounts for over 20 years and never had a problem with any blower. Some people are mechanically...
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    Bad to worse!

    Thanks...cell 251-391-5569
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    Bad to worse!

    I've been thinking of doing something like that, could you please post photos..Thanks
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    Performer 405 Carb.

    Can the 2 barrel carbs listed on Ebay for the Nissan A14 engine be modified to work on the 405. Looks to be the same except for extra barrel and throttle linkage. Much cheaper..
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    Knowing your chems on Poly

    1st choice cleaning and Smtwn Janitorial I agree with both of you, but from my understanding of what the OP was saying was that all black households was lacking in cleanliness which I know for a fact is not true by far (at least from my experience). In my years of being in this industry I've...
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    Knowing your chems on Poly

    Good job, I've cleaned those before but strangely they have been in Caucasian homes, very rarely in black homes. I guess it's in different in other areas. I'm black and I vacuum often, so does the majority of blacks I know. Never the less outstanding job.
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    Anyone got a heat exchanger laying around????

    Have two, one from a White Magic 1200, and one from a Prochem 405. Make me an offer. Sent from my LG-V521 using TMF Forums mobile app
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    whos got 36,45,47,59 blowers to sell. Ebay craigslist are dry these days.

    I have a sutorbilt 3L and a 6M I might get rid of. Make me an offer.
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    How about homemade truckmounts?

    Idreadnought Man thats a good idea to eliminate belt slippage. Have you did the research on the cogged belts and pulleys? Will they be able to handle the torque/horsepower? Are the pulleys available in different sizes? If it does work, I'm sure belt allignment will be super critical.