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    Please critique my new ad...

    Better, but I'd still start over on the next go round. Who are you trying to reach? What are you ultimate goals as a business? Do you want to be bigger than Interlink or stay a Mom and Pop shop? All these questions and many more need to be answered so you can plan a marketing strategy. Word of...
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    Please critique my new ad...

    Yeah, I have to agree about attacking the big chemical companies. You might want to try something along the lines of : "After extensive research we have found that most formulations on the market....." blah, blah. I'm not a copywriter but you get the idea. As far as the ad for...
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    What is the best book you've ever read?

    You know, it all depends on what I'm looking for in a book. I have found that my tastes have changed over the years and my answer would have been different had you asked me 20 yrs. ago. I have loved and read science fiction and fantasy books just like you do now when I was younger, but found as...
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    MDF Fiber Board, How to ID & Protect?

    I'm surprised that its taken so long for the problem to reach you, Rob. Out here is California that junk is just about all we have now. The problem with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), is that it absorbs water like a sponge and expands considerably and permanently when it does. Sometimes if the...
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    Warning to carpet cleaners

    The heck with cleaning her carpets! This is who is going to be running our country some day!
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    If no patents...

    Making a better widget is innovation no matter what the reason is for making it, in my opinion. The motivating factor in Rob's question happens to be that the supplier would not sell to him. Rob may be being petty or he may have a little revenge in his heart, I don't know and it doesn't really...
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    Water softener leak on travertine - dried salt water deposits

    I like the KISS policy (Keep it simple stupid. No offense intended ;)). I know that I have taken a single edge razor to a similar deposit on top of travertine and simply scraped it off. It surprised the heck out of me but it was easier than I thought, and it turned out perfect. My floor was...
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    Google Local Service Ads

    Has anyone here signed up for Google Local Service Ads and the Google Guarantee? I'm curious about what they charge per lead and if its worth it. I'm tired of dealing with Yelp and their shady way of doing business. Yelp has been okay (not great) for me up until now but out of the blue they've...
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    Color Seal Shower?

    Never had much luck with color sealing non sanded grout. It seems like its just too smooth to hold on to the color seal for long, and in a shower it's subject to every day abuse beyond what would be normal on a floor. Regrout.
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    ETM - RC worlds first Electric TM rolling cart

    AZ, An electrician friend of mine came to my house a couple of weeks ago to answer some questions on adding new circuits to my panel. He told me that it is common for houses to be wired exactly as you say with GFI circuits running from the bathrooms to kitchens and ending the run on the patio...
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    Marble shower issue

    Mostly because granite is so much less porous than marble....And you're just showing off (y)
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    Marble shower issue

    No way of telling Rob. Something is definitely not right but don't put yourself on the line by guessing. You are smart to walk away.
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    Marble shower issue

    Could be caused by a few different things. The simplest is that marble being porous will absorb water while showering. Gravity will make the water that has been absorbed into the stone migrate downward as it dries and that is why it looks dark towards the bottom of the shower. If that's the...
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    Looking for Masterblend El Diablo

    Where in California?
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    Business Advice

    What I've learned from running other businesses is this, you either pay this guy enough to keep him around or he will find someone who will. Carpet cleaning is hard, physical work and techs need to be compensated fairly but the tough part is figuring out what is fair to both of you. You not only...