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  1. J

    Large VCT jobs

    Hey guys, So my company has done many smaller scale strip and wax/ VCT services, we recently went out to bid at a large 50,000+ job. So we typically use a standard rotary machine, I wouldn't dream of using one of those for a job this large (we have basically a day to complete it). Any...
  2. Superb

    Cleaning Congoleum Duraceramic

    Anyone cleaned any Duraceramic? It's vinyl and it's grouted but not with the typical portland based grout. It's more flexible. I'm not wanting to use my SX-12 on vinyl. I tried my Basic Coatings Dirt Dragon but the brush does not get into the grout lines. Any suggestions?
  3. CTI Courtney

    Pro's Choice Clean and Protect

    Do you have jobs where part of the flooring is hardwood or composite? Are you currently offering wood care services as an up-sell to your customers? If not, this is a huge source of potential income that you are missing out on! CTI introduces our brand new Wood Care System. The system...