Any TM owners leave rubber mat on van floor?


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Nov 29, 2013
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This is what we used for surface prep, it's messy but not terrible.
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We choose the antifatigue mats with holes for no trapped moisture. Carpet or anything else is going to eventually mold and since these are our offices that we spend a huge chunk of our day we didn't want to deal with mold issues.
I had fair share of dealing with a anti fatigue mats and while they have place in food and hospitality industry, they're pain in the neck to clean.( even quality ones will disintegrate while exposed to grease) But everything is in the past. Thanks for the tip on surface cleaning, I have few of those and some wire pads as well. It'll be painstaking process, I gather. I wish to go back in time and get summer back just for a week.. I tried to spray paint metal cover for my Mytee Hot Turbo just recently, slow drying times....
My only hope is that padding got somewhat loose being exposed to a constant moisture for prolonged period of time( 4 months at least)
Thanks again for your time....
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