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FB Does anyone use Facebook ads? Does it work...


Travis Rykbos

I've gotten more return from placing ads on the marketplace.

Allen Ollivierre

Is that something different from your Facebook business page

Anthony Castro

Just ppl liking or commenting seems like people are scared to call these days

Matt Smith

A good Facebook ad is key to getting real clients. I see so many smaller companies try it on their own with no professional help; usually the ad has no copy material, is using just their logo or an ugly photo they took or found online, and always resulting in lots of money spent with little to no results.

Mike Tolman

I get some haters on mine. Other carpet cleaning companies that have nothing better to say so some times its great some time it sucks

Pablo Chavez

Post in your community pages you make more money !! Don't pay to facebook

Ryan Leavitt

Hey guys. Facebook is not going to get you instant business in the masses unless you are running some sort of huge special with steep discounts and a lot of luck. The sales cycle is a little longer using facebook then say Google Adwords where customers are looking for you already. I would be more than happy to help someone build out a campaign if you are willing to let us record the build and share the result publicly. Facebook is a gold mine, but most people are posting an ad targeting their demographic and then are surprised no one stopped looking at funny photos to open their wallets.

Paul Lis

FB advertising can be done in many ways. I charge $50 per project for TMF members to help you put your ad together and target your market. Most people don't have any idea how to put an effective ad together.
Or how to effectively target their market.

Nick Gorman

Gets me instant business just do your research..use a landing page with sign up.. its a sold job if they give u there info