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Donate Gifts for Autism Children (


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Sep 4, 2007
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Donate Autism Gifts to TMF (NO money will be accepted) - TMF will be sending off each random gift to the parents* here on TMF who has Children/Teenagers that has Autism and the left over gifts will be provided to a local ABA therapy. TMF recommends that you Google top gifts for children/teens with Autism. Deadline to send gifts is 5/20/19 -Send only BRAND NEW toys/items to:

Truck Mount Forums
5045 Admiral Wright Rd #109
Virginia Beach VA 23462

*We cannot remember every company here on TMF that has a child with Autism so we will be posting up another thread end of May to gather the information, those who provide such info we will ship to by the next deadline date we provide after 5/20/19 - those who do not provide their information in time the gifts we have will be provided to the ABA therapy facilities here in Virginia Beach VA.

Those who donate we will create a thank you page with your company info and/or if you want to be anonymous please state so for when we create the Thank You page by 5/20/19.

**Aside from this new donation: TMF is currently donating a % of every order that comes into the TMF Store which 100% of what is taken away goes towards ABA therapy for children for the month of April.


Apr 23, 2018
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That’s great. I just donated a carpet cleaning to benefit autism. Glad to see TMF giving back
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