First post - Online booking with pricing


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Dec 10, 2016
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Jesse Arnold
This is my first post here on the forums and I'm really interested in the online booking options for our company over here in New Zealand.

I have built up a draft on the free option through 10to8 and to be quite honest I'm really excited about it. I'm hoping to go live (and move to the paid version - no 10to8 adverts etc) next weekend however I am now having concerns on whether I should be posting our prices for all to see, on the other hand who would book online without a general idea of the price?

Do you have your prices online at all? My pricing sits in the mid to high range, below the larger franchises but above the average Joe around our area. I'm not concerned about mis-qoutes but rather the possibility of losing work from window shoppers as well as giving my prices to the competition. Any insight or help would be much appreciated. (I would post the link here but I'm told I need three posts to do that). Thanks again.