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FB I need a good Craigslist poster I'd like to...


Shawn Hornsby

I need a good Craigslist poster I'd like to put 50 ads per day does anyone have any suggestions?

Michael Garrison

Would be come up with sales pitch or you already have it ready as we post

Luis Gomez

I'm actually creating a free Craigslist training for TMF members. My bro and I are bringing in about 2-3k a month alone from Craigslist. The video should be up this weekend granted Robert approves it. We post 3-12 times a day.

Brian Asher

Are others in your area posting that much that you need to do it that often to stay at the top? No one is here... but I've also never gotten any good calls from cl either

Dave Yoakum

You might want to make your ad easier to read. If your before afters are the selling point then why are they smaller than the goofy guy and if your special is the hook then why is it small font and at the bottom? Your visual needs to be worked on first and they worry about where to place and frequency. Just wondering? Why do you think 50 times a day is the magic number? And why Craigslist? Sure its free. But, is that really the kind of clients you want? Clients motivated by low rates. From my view point causing a media overload with so much placement actually can result in prospects becoming blind to your add making it more skipped over. Its the way the human mind works.

Dennis Azenon

I do pretty good on Craigslist but I have some douche bag deleting my stuff I guess he hating but like I said I get jobs from there

Luis Gomez

Shawn Hornsby Yes and no. The whole thing with uncle ken is that he posts a lot but that's it. His advertising is crap, and he is a subcontractor. What he does is quote people over the phone, and then he sends a third party company, and then they raise up the price. We have had many customers from craigslist who called "uncle ken" and weren't happy with his service. Cause it's all unprofessional. They got quoted one price over the phone, but got another in person. Sort of bait and switch tactics. So we don't have the 50 ads a day like him but we still get traction because of our advertising. We target specific people on craigslist. For example if a mom goes on craigslist, and searches "carpet cleaning", if uncle ken pops up, he's just another cleaner. There’s nothing about his ad that speaks to that mom. With our ads, we target specific people. We have 4-5 different types of ads. One of our ads targets nothing but moms. From the title "Carpet cleaning for moms" to our pictures (pics of moms with their kids), to the text in the ad, our text speaks to that mom. Think about it, what do moms care about in a carpet cleaner? Safety right, cause they have kids. So we make sure that we say how safe our cleaning process is. Our cleaning process causes no harm to their children. We say that we respect their home by putting caution signs and corner guards. Like that is what moms care about. We say more stuff strictly that targets them. You don't need to post a lot like ken does, you just need to have a really clear message and convince your target market to call you. Once they call you, that's where you add the value on how you're different. It happens to us all the time, we get customers saying that there’s people that charge 20 a room. We charge 30-50 depending on size. Everyone is trying to compete with pricing but we don’t even mention the ads in our prices. The only goal of an ad is to build up enough value for them to call you. We do get people who try to be cheap and we let them go. We found out that penny pinchers are hard to please and want a lot in exchange for paying you low. We stay away from those. Last month we brought in 2k from craigslist and 2k from Facebook groups. This month we are on tract to bring in $3,500 from craigslist alone. I’m working on the training that ima post to the group and i’m putting in effort because I know how hard it is to get the ball rolling for your business and how tough it is to get clients when you are on a budget. With this training, I’m sure you’ll take over that side of the inland empire. There are so many customers to gain from temecula, and murrieta. People will pay. We don’t service that area so hopefully this helped you out a bit. I’m still going to post the training on here for free. I’m going to record it today or tomorrow, and then send it to robert allen so that I have permission to post it on the group. I’m not selling anything, I just want to help out those people that are struggling or want more business with free advertising.