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New Coating/Paint


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Nov 12, 2019
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Jennifer King
I have a client who is the only distributor of a Japanese manufactured coating that 70 kinds of mold won't grow with, is flame retardant, and completely eliminates odors naturally (even on charred wood, mildewed or heavily smoked in areas). Is this something that most restoration companies would be interested in trying? Basically it would be breaking out a whole new "preventive" service for hospitals, apartment buildings, schools, nursing homes, hotels, etc. correct?


Mama Fen

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Jul 18, 2012
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United States
There are several odor barriers out there currently that have a tight enough matrix to prevent both moisture AND gas exchange at the surface.

And any antimicrobial coating currently available is going to require application to a clean dry hard surface only, and carries a rider stating that moisture and soil must be kept off the barrier product in order for it to be effective.

How is this Japanese product different?