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Professional Carpet Cleaning by Fantastic Services


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Dec 13, 2017
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Dean Davies
Initially started as a carpet cleaning only company situated in London, Fantastic Services is now offering more than 25+ home services. The fantastic carpet and rug cleaning service in London is one of the most popular choices among customers.

Carpet cleaning methods:

  1. Hot water extraction - also known as steam carpet cleaning, suitable for synthetics/mixed fibre
  2. Dry carpet cleaning - using powder, solvents or foam, suitable for delicate/natural fibre

Features: stain removal included in service; deodorising upon request.

You can trust the pros to revive your Persian, Oriental or Tibetan rug. These delicate pieces are dry cleaned only.

The Fantastic carpet cleaning pros:
  • undergo specialised training by the Fantastic Academy to meet the Fantastic Services Standard and assure high quality;
  • work with high-quality equipment and products by well-known local suppliers to deliver optimal, lasting results for each service performed.
  • carry a public liability insurance of up to £5 million, guaranteeing you a trouble-free experience.

How the service works?

  1. Make an online booking for a date and time you prefer
  2. A fully equipped carpet cleaning technician will show up at your doorstep
  3. He will carefully inspect and deep clean your carpet on site
  4. Enjoy refreshed carpets & rugs and a much healthier home

For more information, please visit our carpet cleaning page. Contact us today and get your service as soon as tomorrow!
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